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Classroom Assistants

Members of the Classroom Assistance Committee provide a welcoming and professional presence by assisting instructors and members to facilitate a positive OLLI experience.  Click here for the Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Assistant.  If you are interested in becoming a Classroom Assistant, email

summer ca

Winter 2020

Music for Seniors Intermediate Harmonica Learning Lab

1. Susan Bowerman
2. Sarah Webster

Understanding Brain Disorders

1. Robert Catlin
2. Lindsay Lawrence

Six Modern American Novels

1. Martye Jeffords
2. Mary McLennan
3. Carol Rehder

John Bell Hood's Tennessee Campaign

1. Alice Fitzgibbon
2. Ophelia Paine

U.S. History from the Women's Perspective: A March Toward Equal Rights

1. Ellie Cate
2. John Cate


Working Virtues: Essential Moral Skills for a Good Life

1. Mike Gearheart
2. Vickie Ziegler

Fort Negley: Past, Present & Future

1. Rosalyn Anderson
2. Karen Brooks

OLLI at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival

1. Martye Jeffords
2. Mary Hemminger