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Classroom Assistants

Members of the Classroom Assistance Committee provide a welcoming and professional presence by assisting instructors and members to facilitate a positive OLLI experience.  Click here for the Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Assistant.  If you are interested in becoming a Classroom Assistant, email

OLLI Winter 2019 Classroom Assistants

Winter 2019

Mindfulness and Meditation

  1. Janet Craig
  2. Mildred Tilley

Drugs and the Brain

  1. Glenna Orr
  2. Mary Raffety

Japanese Reflection on World War II and the American Occupation

  1. Greg Hill
  2. Ann Hill

Innovative Thinking in a Digital Age

  1. Kathleen Pidruzny
  2. Vickie Ziegler

American Popular Music

  1. Ophelia Paine
  2. John Valle

Four Weddings and a Funeral or Two

  1. Martye Jeffords
  2. Kathy Garthwaite

The End of Life and the Quest for Human Meaning

  1. Lisa Otten
  2. Kathleen Donofrio

Women in the Civil Rights Movement

  1. Alice Fitzgibbon
  2. Mary Raffety

Not Just Carrying a Spear: Acting for Opera Singers

  1. Susan Bowerman
  2. Elois Freeman

OLLI at the Shakespeare Festival

  1. Elaine Smyth
  2. Rhonda Usner

A Practicum in Innovation

  1. Ursula King
  2. Ellen McPherson

OLLI at the Lane Motor Museum

  1. Lisa Otten