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Classroom Assistants

Members of the Classroom Assistance Committee provide a welcoming and professional presence by assisting instructors and members to facilitate a positive OLLI experience.  Click here for the Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Assistant.  If you are interested in becoming a Classroom Assistant, email

OLLI Winter 2019 Classroom Assistants

Spring 2019

The Medieval Spains: Fifth Century to 1492

1. Martye Jeffords 
2. Ophelia Paine 

Religion in Prison

1. Arleen Yeager 
2. Carolyn Musfeldt 

A Voracious Appetite for Words - Memorable Food Moments in Spanish Language Literature

1. Debbie Clapper 
2. Felicia Gates 

Great Decisions, Foreign Policy Discussion

1. Glenna Orr 
2. Lisa Otten 

Visions of Amazonia

1. Dianne Wild 
2. Alice Fitzgibbon 


Deep River: Mysticism and Ethics in the Preaching of Howard Thurman

1. Kathleen Pidruzny 
2. Mary Raffety 


Contemporary Christianities in the American South

1. Patricia Lockett 
2. Vickie Ziegler 

OLLI at the Opera

1. Mary McLennan 

Religious Questions in William Faulkner's Novel Light in August

1. Susan Bowerman 
2. Mildred Tilley 

Pirates of the Atlantic World

1. Gail Molen 
2. Sharon Charney 

OLLI at the Nashville Jazz Workshop

1. Jan Goddard