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Classroom Assistants

Members of the Classroom Assistance Committee provide a welcoming and professional presence by assisting instructors and members to facilitate a positive OLLI experience.  Click here for the Roles and Responsibilities of a Classroom Assistant.  If you are interested in becoming a Classroom Assistant, email

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Summer 2019

Art and Power: The Visual Arts as Expression and Instrument of Power

1. Mike Gearheart 
2. Patty Gearheart

The Principles of Tai Chi and Daily Movements

1. Kathy Morton 
2. Ellie Cate 

Nutrition and Health: Issues and Insights

1. Ed Hoge 
2. Mary Raffety 

Music for Seniors Harmonica Learning Lab

1. Susan Bowerman 
2. Russanne Buchi-Fotre 

Tickling Your Taste Buds with Nashville’s Latino Cuisines

1. Roslyn Yeomans 
2. Alice Fitzgibbon 


The Original Fisk Jubilee Singers®, Their Tour and Their Music

1. Martye Jeffords 

A History of Fisk University

1. Martye Jeffords

Music Cities: A Study of Musical Sounds and Spaces

1. Kathleen Pidruzny
2. Kathy West 

Exploring Digital Storytelling Through Scalar

1. Mary Raffety  

A Day of Mindfulness Practice

1. Kathleen Donofrio 
2. Claire Tschudy