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Fall 2020 Room Change and Vacancy Pull-In Information

General Room Change Information For First-Year Students

First-year students are not permitted to request room changes.  Questions or concerns should be directed to your Area Coordinator.  Spring housing assignment information for first-year students will be available during the fall semester (date TBA).

General Room Change Information for Upper-Division Students

Upper-division students may begin requesting room changes on Monday, August 24 at 8AM in the Housing Portal.  Room changes will be processed beginning Tuesday, September 8 through Friday, November 6.  Prior to Tuesday, September 8, the Office of Housing and Residential Experience will conduct an inventory of rooms in order to confirm that students have returned and to account for available vacancies.

Upper-division students who are requesting to change rooms or fill an vacancy in a friend’s room at the end of the semester should complete the End of Semester Room Change Request which will be available in the Housing Portal between Monday, November 9 and Friday, November 13.  Please do not complete the general Room Change Request which will be available through Friday, November 6 as that request is for students requesting immediate changes.  The Office of Housing Assignments will begin processing end of semester room change requests on Monday, November 16.  Students with end of semester room change requests that are granted will need to move to their new space prior to the residence halls closing on Sunday, November 20 at 9AM.

Upper-Division Student Vacancy Pull-In Information

Upper-division students requesting to fill a vacancy in a friend’s group living space (doubles, suites, apartments, lodges) should complete the Room Change Request in the Housing Portal beginning Monday, August 24.  In addition, all current occupants of the group living space must email Josh Miller ( to confirm the student or students requesting to be pulled in.  Once the room change application is received, and all current occupants of the space email Josh Miller to confirm the pull-in request, the change will be processed (including those submitted prior to Tuesday, September 8).  Changes will be processed through Friday, November 6.

For the Fall 2020 semester, students in the residential colleges are permitted to fill their vacancies with students from a different residential college.  If the request is processed, and the student switches from one residential college to another, that will now be their assigned residential college and they will not be permitted to return to their previous college in the future.