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Guest Registration

Any Vanderbilt student currently living in a Vanderbilt residence hall is permitted to have overnight guests for up to 3 consecutive nights. Overnight guests may not stay longer than 3 nights without express permission from the Area Coordinator. It is important for students to remember that for the duration of of their guest’s visit they are completely responsible for their guest’s conduct and may be held accountable if their guest violates any of the university’s community standards of conduct.

Anchorlink Guest Registration

Any overnight guest must be registered through Anchorlink prior to the guests arrival. To do this go to Go to the organization page for which ever residence hall or area that the requesting student lives in currently (ex. Memorial House, North House, etc.). Click on the “Forms” tab in the left hand menu and select the Guest Registration form. The form will then prompt you to fill out all of the necessary information from there.

Once the form is completed it will automatically be submitted for approval. You will receive notification through Anchorlink once your guest registration has been approved.

Registering Guests Under 18

If a student wishes to have an overnight guest in the residence halls who is younger than 18 years old, they must obtain the express consent of that person’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s). You will still need to complete the Guest Registration form on Anchorlink, but the registration will not be approved until the parental/legal guardian consent is obtained. Below is the process for submitting parental/legal guardian consent.

The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must email the Area Coordinator for the residence hall that the guest intends to stay in for their visit. A list of the Area Coordinators/Graduate Area Coordinators, the names of the residence halls they oversee and their contact information are here.

In the email to the Area Coordinator, the following information must be included.

  • Name of parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
  • Phone number of parent or legal guardian
  • Dates the guest has consent to visit (May not exceed 3 nights)

Once the email is sent giving parent/guardian permission, the Area Coordinator will then be able to approve the guest registration request and the requesting student will be notified through Anchorlink.