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Residence Hall Access

Each Vanderbilt student is issued a Commodore Card that serves as a student ID, allows cash free purchases at on-campus and off-campus locations, and authorizes access to appropriate campus buildings.

Our Commodore Card access system controls students’ access to:
•His or her residence hall through the building’s designated main entryway, 24 hour a day, 7 days per week
•Stairwells and elevators within the residence halls so that only building residents can access their residence hall’s floors
•Buildings where students’ classes are held.

If you cannot access a location that you feel you should be able to enter, report the problem to the Area Coordinator for your residential area.

If your Commodore Card is lost or stolen:
•Go to
•Click on to the “University” tab on the navigation bar and scroll down to the “Students” tab.
•Click on the “Manage My Card” link to prevent unauthorized use of your card.

Replacement cards can be obtained at the Commodore Card Office in the Sarratt
Student Center.

Do not loan your card to anyone, and do not use anyone else’s card.