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Outages Notices

The interior and exterior structure of the buildings, the doors, electrical systems, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, elevators, the carpet, and the paint are part of the total scope of maintaining the buildings.

Housing Facilities is concerned with items that affect the residents’ safety and building structure. These include overflowing toilets, water valves that are stuck open, broken glass, biohazards, exposed electrical wiring, exterior doors and windows that will not secure, student room doors that cannot be locked, and lights that do not work.

Official notices will be provided in the event of power, water, or other outages, as well as any scheduled work in or outside the residence hall that will directly affect the residents. These notices may be posted in bathrooms, on doors, and in elevators as necessary to properly notify residents. Pay close attention to notice details and alter your schedule accordingly to reduce the chances of property damage.

Doors are for official notices only. Postings for student and community activities are restricted to bulletin boards. Anything other than an official notice found posted anywhere but a bulletin board will be removed on site.