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Official Cooler Painting Notice

As spring formals approach, cooler painting begins. Cooler painting often results in unintended damage to university property.  Students responsible for any damage that occurs will be held financially responsible and may also be referred to the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards and Academic Integrity.

The guidelines below are intended to help students avoid damage charges.

• Cooler painting is prohibited in and around the grounds of residence halls. This includes hallways, stairways, study rooms, lobbies, lounges, patios, balconies, sidewalks, and gardens.

• Protect your work area from paint with a plastic sheet (a garbage bag, for instance) or other material before painting.

• Only after paint is fully dry may coolers be brought inside a residence hall or other campus building.

• Cooler wheels may not be painted. Paint rubs off on sidewalks and on floors of the residence halls.

• Coolers may not be left in residence hall hallways or common areas. Coolers left in hallways and common areas are subject to inspection.

• Alcohol may not be stored inside coolers left in hallways and common areas.  If alcohol is found inside a cooler, the cooler and the alcohol will be confiscated.

• Students will be held financially responsible for any and all damage that results from cooler painting.

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