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Move-In Instructions

Before You Arrive on Campus

  • Room assignment packets will be mailed around August 1. This packet contains your room assignment, a building-specific hang tag for your vehicle’s rear-view mirror, a key authorization card/registration card, and other important information.
  • Please complete the key release authorization card/registration card in its entirety. The completed card must be exchanged in the staging area for your room key on Move-In Day.
  • The hang tag, which is color-coded according to your house assignment, should be hung from your rear-view mirror with the house abbreviation facing out. This will enable officers to direct you to the proper areas.

The Move-In Process in a Nutshell

  1. As you arrive on campus at your scheduled move-in time, Vanderbilt police will direct your vehicle to a staging area where you will receive your room key.
  2. From the staging area, we will escort your vehicle to an unloading area near your house.
  3. In the unloading area, Move Crew volunteers will help you unload your vehicle and, as available, assist you and your family in moving your belongings to your room. Look for their brightly colored shirts! Move Crew volunteers cannot stay to assist with room setup. They must help move in the next student.
  4. After unloading, your vehicle will be directed to long-term parking areas. Shuttles will run between the parking areas and The Ingram Commons.
  5. Pick up your student ID on the second floor of The Commons Center once you finish moving in.

Upon Arrival

Do NOT drive directly to your house.

Staging areas will open at 6 a.m. We recommend that you arrive at your staging area 15 minutes prior to your assigned move-in time.

When you arrive at the perimeter of the university, Vanderbilt University Police Department officers will direct you to your designated staging areas. Please see the Staging Area Map for more information.

Signs will also direct you to your assigned staging area:

  • East, Crawford, Memorial, Murray, Stambaugh, and Sutherland Houses: Parking Lot 77
  • Gillette and Hank Ingram Houses: Parking Lots 78a, 79, and 81
  • North and West Houses: Parking Lot 96 (Magnolia Circle)

In the Staging Area

  • Staff members will meet incoming student vehicles in the staging areas to issue room keys.
  • The key-release authorization card/registration card should be completed in its entirety and handed to the staff member in exchange for the student’s room key.
  • If the student is not present to accept her or his key on Saturday, the student must sign the key-release authorization card permitting staff to issue the key to her or his designee.
  • Vehicles may not leave the staging area until the student or designee has received the room key.
  • Staging areas will close by noon and the Move Crew will be dismissed. After noon, room keys will be available at the Hank Ingram House information desk.

Unloading and Moving In

  •  We will lead your vehicle from your staging area to an unloading area near your house.
  • At your house, Move Crew members in brightly colored shirts will be on hand to greet and assist you in moving your belongings from your vehicle to your room.
  • A member of the student’s family should remain with the belongings.
  • At the time of unloading, return the hang tag to a member of the Move Crew.
  • After all belongings have been unloaded from the vehicle, the driver must move the vehicle to one of the designated long-term parking areas. Vehicles may not park at The Ingram Commons during move-in hours, because all parking lots on The Ingram Commons will be used for the move-in process.
  • As available, Move Crew members will assist you and your family in moving your belongings to your room.
  • Commons lots will open for parking beginning at 2 p.m.

Important Note to Students

  • You should accompany the Move Crew members on the first trip to the room to unlock the room.
  • You or a family member should remain in the room to receive your belongings.
  • Please do not detain Move Crew volunteers; they need to help the next students who arrive.
  • Your Resident Adviser (RA) will be on the floor to answer questions.
  • Your RA will ask you to complete a Room Condition Report (RCR) indicating that you have received a key to your room and that you agree with the recorded room condition.