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McTyeire International House

Spring 2021 McTyeire FAQ

The Program
How can I apply to live in McTyeire in the Spring Semester?

Please fill in the McTyeire Language Groups Application, if applying for one of the language groups, or the McTyeire International Interest Hall Application, if applying to the International Interest Hall” and send it to . If you are applying to a language group, please ask your current or former language instructor to fill in the Instructor’s Evaluation Form. See instructions on the application form.

If I opted to study remotely in the fall, can I return to McTyeire in the spring semester?

If you have previously been accepted to McTyeire and have chosen to study remotely in the fall, but would like to return to McTyeire in the spring, please contact Anja Bandas  by noon, CT, November 23, 2020.

Can I be part of the McTyeire language program if I will be studying remotely or will be living off-campus in the spring?

If you have not previously been accepted to McTyeire and will be living off-campus or studying remotely, you may still be part of the language program (no meal plan).  Please send an email to for further information.

What happens to the dinner program and the study breaks?

The dinner program will be conducted via Zoom, Monday through Thursday, 6:10 – 6:50pm. We will offer a variety of activities, welcome our faculty advisers and invite other guests. Your input is welcome! The weekly study break will take place at one of the four dinners.

How will I interact with my coordinator?

Your coordinator will be there for you like before but mostly online. Some coordinators will work remotely. Never hesitate to contact your coordinator outside of the dinners.

Will we have other programming?

For safety reasons, we have to suspend our usual in-person programming like the cultural celebrations, the int’l dessert night etc. Your coordinators, RAs and the house council will however collaborate to keep the community strong.

When can I move into McTyeire?

Move-in for the spring 2021 semester will take place between Friday, January 22, 2021 and Sunday, January 24, 2021 from 8AM CST and 8PM CST daily. Residents are welcome to move in on any day of their choice beginning Friday, January 22, 2021 at 8AM CST.

Specific details regarding the move-in process, as well as information on reporting your selected move-in day, will be available prior to December 31, 2020.

For any questions relating to Housing and move-in, please, contact

When can I access storage in McTyeire?

Please contact the Area Coordinator, Danny Coradazzi

What common spaces are available in the building?

The Fireside Lounge will be available. However, we have reduced the seating and spaced the seating elements in order to maintain social distancing.

Vanderbilt Dining
Where do I get dinner and breakfast?

Vanderbilt Dining will have boxed breakfasts and dinners and bottled drinks ready for pick-up at the McTyeire Dining Hall. Breakfast pick-up is Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 9:30am. Dinner pick-up is Monday – Thursday, 5 – 7pm. We will not be able to eat in the dining room due to safety measures.

Do I have any choices?

The menu will be rotating and feature a variety of cultures. All meals will be tailored to have a vegan and an animal protein choice. They come with pre-packaged sides and there will be other cold sides/desserts to choose from.

Will there be vegan/vegetarian options?

Yes. A vegan option will be provided at every meal, also breakfast.

Where do I get my other meals?

All meals other than the McTyeire breakfasts and dinners need to be picked up at other locations. For details, please see

When does the meal plan start?

The McTyeire kitchen will open on the first day of classes, Monday, January 25, with breakfast.

Please visit for more information.


How to Apply

*Open the forms below using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more information, please see the short description below or consult the McTyeire International House Handbook.

Residency in McTyeire is eligible to be a component of your Immersion Experience. For details, please consult the ImmersionHub.

What is McTyeire?

McTyeire International House promotes the use of foreign languages and the awareness of different cultures. McTyeire offers programs to students seeking to improve their fluency in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, or Korean as well as a program offered in English, the International Interest Hall, to students seeking to learn more about international topics. Students are required to speak their target languages or discuss international topics at specific activities, including weekly study breaks and international dinners served Monday through Thursday in McTyeire’s own dining room. McTyeire’s kitchen specializes in international cuisine from around the world.

All McTyeire residents are housed in single rooms. McTyeire also features a fireside lounge, classroom, library, and TV lounge.

Who Can Live in McTyeire?

It is not necessary to be a language major to be part of McTyeire’s language groups. In fact, one of McTyeire’s main attractions is the diversity of its residents. Residency is open to students of all majors and schools of the University, second-year or higher. The McTyeire community also includes a select number of native speakers. Many of the students are preparing to study in one of the Vanderbilt-affiliated overseas programs or have just returned from their time abroad. The only requirements are sufficient language ability to converse informally (when joining a language group) and the willingness to participate in both group specific and McTyeire-wide activities.

What is the McTyeire Meal Plan?

Because the international dinners are the heart of the McTyeire Living/Learning program, the meal plans of residents are configured so that four meal swipes will be utilized for the mandatory dinners and five for breakfast. Vanderbilt Dining will have boxed breakfasts and dinners and bottled drinks ready for pick-up at the McTyeire Dining Hall. Breakfast pick-up is Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 9:30am. Dinner pick-up is Monday – Thursday, 5 – 7pm. We will not be able to eat in the dining room due to safety measures

The meal plans of residents align with the undergraduate meal plan requirement with the exception of seniors who will receive one additional weekly meal swipe to ensure full participation in the nine required meals at McTyeire. The meals at McTyeire always include a vegan option.

How to get into McTyeire?

The International House is a project of the College of Arts and Science in partnership with the Office of Housing and Residential Experience and Vanderbilt Campus Dining. It is open to all students of the University, second-year and higher. Application forms are available online. New residents are selected by committees of students and faculty during February for the following year or at other times when there are vacancies.

Contact Us

Program Director, College of Arts and Science: Anja Bandas

Area Coordinator, OHARE: Daniel Coradazzi

Dining Manager, Campus Dining: Michael Ferral