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Application Process & Information


Rolling Admissions Process

After the formal spring selections process, students can still apply to be a member of the McGill Project and become a residential member if there are spaces that become available. 

These are the steps:

  1. Prospective Project member attends a McGill Hour (if during the academic year).
  2. Prospective Project member completes the Project Application on Anchor Link (currently closed).
  3. Prospective Project member creates an artistic piece of self-expression.
  4. Prospective Project member brings the artistic piece to an interview with the Vice President for Campus Outreach and another member of the McGill Project.
  5. The two interviewers will present the application to the Executive Council for a vote to be admitted into the project and to be eligible to live in McGill Hall.


Formal Spring Selections Process

Experiencing the Project
Students considering applying to the Project are encouraged to attend one of the community’s McGill Hours or Coffeehouses. Prospective Project Members can always just stop by McGill Hall to experience firsthand the Project community. As the Application Process period unfolds, interested students can attend informational meetings to also learn about the Project.

The McGill Project application for 2019-20 can be found here.

Participant Selection
The Selections Committee, consisting solely of McGill Project members, will review applications, interview applicants, and recommend people for admission to the Project.

Near Spring Break, students accepted for residential membership will receive e-mails prompting them to accept their invitation within a specific time frame. Once they have accepted their invitation, students will not be able to apply to other housing, but will be required to complete the standard Vanderbilt University Housing contract for their living space in McGill.

For questions about the application process or the McGill experience, please contact Chloe O’Dell (Campus Outreach for the McGill Council) at