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Welcome from the Vanderbilt Student Government President

Dear Class of 2026 and Transfer Students,

CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to Vanderbilt University!! My name is Amisha Mittal, and I am your Student Body President for the academic year of 2022-2023. Before I shed a few words of wisdom as an aging senior, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m from Cincinnati, OH majoring in Human Organizational Development, Medicine Health and Society, and Spanish (no, I could not decide on a major hahah). Apart from extracurriculars and academics, you’ll find me working a shift at Nada (I’ll hook you up with that 50% discount), Zumba-ing (yes that’s a word!) at the Rec Center, or blasting throwbacks on my JBL speaker as I walk through campus. That all being said, if you were to have met freshman year Amisha and meet me now, it would be like meeting two entirely different people. Vanderbilt has changed me for the best, and I can’t wait for you all to join us and embark on your own Vanderbilt journey.

First, I want you all to acknowledge something. Vanderbilt is ranked the #14 university in the world. And you made it here. Take a second for a mental applause because this is an incredible feat.

With that, knowing the ranking and prestige that Vanderbilt carries, it can be easy to attempt to fit the “perfect college student” mold. You might feel the need to plan out your college experience to a tee. Take the perfect classes. Have the perfect friends. Find the perfect career path. Join the perfect extra curriculars. I fell into this trap my first year by joining specific student organizations and pursuing a career path I was not interested in because I thought it would “look good on my resume.” I quickly learned that trying to be perfect is exhausting and unfulfilling. I began attending random org meetings and found my love for Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG), something I had never been involved with in the past. VSG has my heart, and it only does so because I explored Vandy. If I could go back and tell my freshman year self anything, it would be to put less pressure on myself, have fun, and explore, explore, explore.

Now for some rapid-fire advice: attend all the cultural showcases. Go to the acapella concerts (the Melodores are AMAZING). Sit outside Alumni Lawn on warm summer days. Sit outside Alumni Lawn on snowy winter days. Don’t be afraid to be friends with anyone and everyone. Join VSG (shameless plug, I had to). Go to office hours. Get to know your RA and hallmates. Be ready for change. Your time at Vandy will go by in a blink, so be sure to make the most of it.

I and Vanderbilt Student Government (@vanderbiltstudentgov) are here to support you and help make your Vandy experience the absolute best it can be. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me when you arrive on campus and get settled in—I would love to be a part of your Vanderbilt experience as another advocate and friend. Best of luck in these next four years! See you all at Founder’s Walk!


Amisha Mittal

Student Body President, Vanderbilt Student Government

IG: amisha.mittal