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Vanderbilt Policies, Procedures, and References


Accounting Treatment for Cost Sharing

Certifications (March 2003)


Effort Report for Faculty

Accounting for Effort (November 2007)

Additional FAQs for Faculty (November 2007)

Effort Declaration and Certification (July 2007)

Effort Essentials (July 2007)

Implementation Guidelines for Individuals with salary supported at least partially from federal sources (July 2007)

Stipends and Salary Supplements (October 2007)

Transinstitutional Effort (December 2007)

Procedures for Uncertified Effort Certifications

Clarification (September 2009)

Letter from Jerry Fife

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Foreign Travel - Fly America Act

Pre-Travel Expenses

Tuition for Graduate Student Research Assistants (November 2007)

Other Guidelines
Effort Reporting

Online Effort Reporting and Certification Training Module

Instructions for Online Effort Reporting and Certification Training Module


Online ePAC Distribution & Certification Training Module

ePAC RDC Quick Reference

ePAC Support

Other Resources