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Reserve a Student Checkout Card & Manage Finances

There are several ways to pay for expenses through your organization’s account (center) without having to pay with your personal funds. If you do pay for something out of pocket, please submit the receipt and check request to your advisor promptly.

Student Checkout Cards

To Check out a Student Checkout Card:

  1. Fill out a Student Checkout Card request form online. Submit a request to check out a Student Checkout Card here. If your organization is not listed on the drop down menu, contact your advisor. 
  2. OACS staff will communicate to set up a time for you to pick up the Student Checkout Card.
  3. Fill out the Student Checkout Card Agreement and turn it in to OACS when you pick up the card.
  4. Be sure to indicate that Vanderbilt has tax exempt status when you make your purchases, and save all receipts.
  5. Return Student Checkout Card and receipts to the OACS office within 24 hours of check-out.


  • Student Checkout Cards work just like a credit card. They’re used for any purchases related to your student organization.
  • Please request well in advance. P-cards are checked out on a first come, first serve basis. Please notice that any failure to abide by Vanderbilt’s Student Checkout Card policies will result in a loss of Student Checkout Card privileges. If you have a question about a policy, don’t hesitate to contact your advisor.

Your Advisor’s Student Checkout Card:

  • Your advisor holds a Vanderbilt Student Checkout Card that can be used to make purchases in-person, online or over the phone. It works like a normal credit card.
  • Submit a Student Checkout Card request to reserve the Student Checkout Card. You will receive a confirmation email from your advisor. If possible, try to reserve the P-Card one week in advance. There is always high demand for Student Checkout Cards, especially around busy times of the semester.
  • Return all receipts to your advisor. If making online purchases, email your receipts to your advisor as soon as you receive them.
  • The purchase will be assigned and withdrawn from your organization’s account (center) at the end of the month.

Oracle COA/POET String

When making payments to university entities (e.g., Reservations and Events, Traffic and Parking, Campus Copy) on behalf of your student organization you may be asked for your organization’s COA string or task number.

Building an Account String

The COA string is made by combining the following numbers. These numbers apply to all registered student organization charges:

  • Entity: 300
  • NetAssetClass: 10
  • Financial Unit: 30500
  • Account: XXXX (this number is determined by the category of the expense – office supplies, food, etc.)
  • Program: 071
  • Activity: 000
  • Interentity: 000
  • Future 1: 0
  • Future 2: 0

The resulting COA string would be: 300.10.30500.XXXX.

Project and Task Numbers

There are situations when you will need to know the Project Number, including when you are processing a reimbursement. The Task Number is a five- or six-digit number that is unique to your organization, and how charges are allocated to your organization’s account. The Task Number can be found under the Finance tab of your organization’s Anchorlink page (look in the upper left-hand corner after you click the Account link)

  • Project Number: SO_280200 (this applies to all registered student organization charges – charges for other departments, including Greek Life, will have a different Project Number)
  • Task Number: Unique to your organization
  • Expenditure Organization: 30500 (this applies to all registered student organization charges)


  • OACS Deposit Sheets must be filled out for all deposits to your student organization task number (task number can be found in the Finance tab of your Anchorlink page).
  • Only cash, checks, and money orders are acceptable as deposits (make checks and money orders out to Vanderbilt University with your organization in the memo line).
  • You will need to itemize all cash, coins, and checks – the deposit sheet allows for this itemization.
  • We recommend that you save or print a copy of the deposit sheet for your records.
  • Submit all cash/checks along with a completed deposit excel sheet to Mark Leners in 351 Sarratt before 4:00 PM.
  • If collecting deposits after hours make a plan to keep the deposits under two locks (e.g., lock box and locked in a drawer) until the next business day and then bring the deposits to Mark Leners as soon as possible.

Donations and Charitable Contributions

If your organization would like to donate funds to a non-profit organization, contact your OACS advisor with the following information:

  • Completed Charitable Contribution Form
  • W-9 form for the organization receiving the donation (a W-9 form looks like this)
  • An invoice or other documentation (e.g., email thread, letter of commitment) indicating the amount of and need for the contribution
  • Contact information for the person responsible for receiving the funds at the organization (name, phone number, email address, physical address)

You will also need to send the Supplier’s Electronic Payment Information (ACH) form to your contact at the non-profit organization and ask them to submit it to

Your advisor will then submit a requisition for a Non-PO payment through the Oracle system, and the organization receiving the funds will receive the payment via digital transfer.

T-shirt and Other Custom Item Orders

  1. Submit a Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form
  2. Request a quote from an approved vendor
  3. Email the following information to your advisor:
    1. MOR# that you receive after submitting the MOR form
    2. Quote from the vendor (usually a PDF file)
    3. Student Organization Task Number
  4. Advisor submits a requisition for the purchase
  5. If the requisition is approved, the order is given a PO number the PO number is sent to the vendor
  6. The vendor then sends an invoice to to be paid


Students who purchase items on behalf of their organizations may be reimbursed for their purchase if their group has funding available in its account. Each student will be responsible for completing their own expense report in SkyVU (Oracle). If the student needing reimbursement is unable to login to SkyVU, they will need to complete the Student Request for Access Form available on the Office of Student Organizations website and submit it to Sarratt 310.

Click here for a video tutorial about how to submit a reimbursement

(from the Office of Student Organizations website)

Tax Exemption

Vanderbilt University is exempt from sales tax on purchases being shipped to and being used or consumed in furtherance of Vanderbilt’s exempt mission in the states listed in the State Sales Tax Exemption Listings.

Click here to access links to tax exempt certificates for all states that require one. A VU net ID and password are required to access the page.

More on Finances

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Provide original receipt(s) to your advisor. Always keep copies of your receipts.
  • Keep meticulous records for AcFee applications in the spring.
  • It’s wise to start the year with a budget, guided by your previous AcFee application. Track your progress monthly. Contact your advisor to help with this as-needed.
  • There are many ways to raise funds outside of AcFee. You need to know how much your activities will cost to determine how much money you will need to raise.