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Risk Management

Procedures & Training

Requirements for Student International Travel for Service

Why Risk Management?

Managing risk is essential to ensuring the safety and security of Vanderbilt students participating in service trips both in the U.S. and abroad. The Office of Active Citizenship & Service Risk Management Policy is rooted in the Vanderbilt Student Travel Policy with input from key campus partners including Project Safe, the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity, Residential Education, the Psychological and Counseling Center and Global Support Services. All students traveling as part of a university-sponsored organization or program under OACS are required to complete all procedures listed below.

Documentation – Paper

STUDENT TRAVEL FORM – All participants and site leaders must fill out one of these blue forms prior to travel. Student Travel Forms can be obtained from OACS advisor.

LIABILITY FORM – All participants and site leaders must fill out one of these green forms prior to travel. Student Travel Forms can be obtained from OACS advisor.

PASSPORT COPIES – OACS requires 3 copies of participant passports to be distributed to the following: 1) participant, 2) site leader, 3) OACS advisor


Documentation – Online

OACS ANCHOR LINK FORM – Participant Information Form on Anchor Link which captures essential student information for OACS advisors. Includes Alcohol/Drug Agreement. For access to the OACS Anchor Link Form for your trip, please contact your OACS advisor.

INTERNATIONAL SOS REGISTRATION – ISOS registration enables Vanderbilt to manage travel tracking and global assistance for participants.

STEP REGISTRATION – Registration in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program eases communication from and to US Embassies.


Documentation – Excel

HTH INSURANCE – All participants and site leaders must fill out the excel template for HTH Insurance, which is submitted to HTH and paid for by the designated OACS advisor. HTH roster template

TRAVEL CLEARANCE FORMOACS International Travel Clearance A comprehensive information repository completed by the site leader which includes the following tabs:

  1. Participant Information – Information exported from the OACS Anchor Link Form. Includes Alcohol/Drug Agreement.
  2. Flight Information – Flight itineraries which are booked several months in advance through agent with World Travel Service.
  3. Full Itinerary – Daily itinerary to be filled out on a site-by-site basis
  4. Details & Emergency Contacts – Onsite emergency information, site leader emergency contact information, and OACS emergency information
  5. Travel Checklist – A checklist confirming that each participant has completed each of the Risk Management Procedures.



Participants must make an appointment(s) with VU Student Health to discuss their trip and receive any necessary vaccinations. To make an appointment, students first fill out the Pre-Travel Questionnaire. After attending a travel consultation with Student Health, student should confirm with site leader/OACS whether or not they have done so. There is no paperwork involved here.


Training & Education

SITE LEADERS – All site leaders must participate in a Risk Management & Emergency Procedures Training led by OACS staff. Site leaders are also required to review Risk Management & Emergency Procedures with group onsite upon arrival in-country.

PARTICIPANTS – All participants must complete the Risk Management & Emergency Procedures Module prior to departure. (Module in development.)

EDUCATION – OACS offers pre-departure seminars on ethical practices in community engagement facilitated by staff advisors. Student organizations are also encouraged to host a pre-departure, preparatory education session customized per site for all participants focusing on historical/cultural/political context or issue-specific themes.