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National Campaign Ambassadors

National Campaign Ambassadors

In partnership with Harvard University’s Institute on Politics, two students from Vanderbilt are selected each year to serve as National Campaign Ambassadors and representatives of the institution. Olivia Solow-Niederman and Emma Stewart represented Vanderbilt University at the 2017 National Campaign Conference.

These students are selected because of their outstanding dedication to their communities and commitment to fostering a civically minded campus.

Responsibilities for National Campaign Ambassadors include:

  • Attend the annual National Campaign Conference
  • Contribute to the IOP Blog
  • Participate and assist with consortium-wide virtual events throughout the academic year
  • Collaborate with other school Ambassadors on shared project or awareness campaign

Other schools in the National Campaign Ambassador consortium include Harvard University, Elon University, University of Chicago, University of Texas and many more!

Click here to read more about the challenges and corresponding recommendations for action that National Campaign Ambassadors from around the country identified during the 2017 National Campaign Conference.

For more information on the program, please visit the webpage.


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