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Meaningful Service Toolkit

The Meaningful Service Toolkit is an ever-changing compendium of resources collected in collaboration with peers, colleagues, students, community members, faculty, and staff. The resources in this toolkit, grouped thematically, are available to all campus partners, constituents, and community members. The purpose of the toolkit is to further the engagement of the Vanderbilt community in meaningful ways. The resources found in this toolkit serve as catalysts for further educating, inspiring, and strengthening the techniques of facilitating humble and meaningful service, locally and globally.

Reflection Resources

The resources found in this section will help students, faculty, and staff learn how to lead reflection, strengthen their reflection facilitation skills, and provide unique ways in which reflection can be facilitated in a multitude of environments. Reflection is one of the most important practices of engaged citizenship.

Reflection in Service-Learning: Making Meaning of Experience

Structuring the Reflection Process

Reflection FAQs

The Curious Case of Edward Grace: A Short Story about Community Service in Higher Education

Reflection Facilitation Manual

The Importance of Reflection in Service-Learning


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Diversity and Inclusion in Service Resources

The following resources can help faculty, staff, and students expand their cultural competencies in a way that encourages more conscious and meaningful service. OACS believes that service to one another is only meaningful when each party is aware of their privileges and identities. These resources seek to further the understanding of identity and privilege in order to better serve one another.

Serving a Stranger or Serving Myself: Alternative Breaks and the Influence of Race and Ethnicity on Student Understanding of Themselves and Others

Cultural Competence and Cultural Communication in Service-Learning

From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces

Understanding Privilege and Oppression

Key Terms: Race and Racism

Navigating Triggering Effects: Critical Skills for Facilitating Difficult Dialogues

Cycle of Oppression and Socialization

Social Identity and Responding to Triggers:

Identifying Triggers

Personal Identity Wheel

Responding to Triggers

Social Identity Profile

Social Identity Wheel

Social Identity

Triggers Exercise


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Service-Learning Resources

The resources in this section offer an introduction to service-learning in our community. These resources provide ideas on how to engage students in service-learning, resources for facilitating meaningful service, and indicators of how effective service manifests itself on college campuses. OACS hopes these resources serve as a catalyst for a more engaged campus.

101 Ideas for Combining Service and Learning

Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Service-Learning

Service-Learning Toolkit

Analyzing Institutional Commitment to Service: A Model of Key Organizational Factors

Implementing Service-Learning in Higher Education

Summary Advice of Campus Compact on Classification for Service and Civic Engagement in Higher Education

Summary Comments on Civic Engagement

Indicators of an Engaged Campus

How to Get Your Campus Talking about Engagement


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International Service-Learning

The resources in this section serve to educate faculty, staff, and students engaging in meaningful service on an international scope. OACS seeks to deconstruct the concept and consequences of “voluntourism” and facilitate meaningful service that honors and affirms international cultures and peoples.

International Service-Learning Articles

Resources for Faculty

Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education

Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice

The International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement

The Journal for Civic Commitment

Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education

Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship

Journal of Experiential Education

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education

Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning

Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement