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Vehicles For Service

How to Become a Registered OACS Driver Powerpoint

OACS Driver Authorization

  • Go to the Learning Exchange. In the course box, type ”Driver Orientation” and click “Enroll”. You will receive an email stating that you have been enrolled.
    • Complete the PowerPoint Q&A.
    • Complete the “Driver Authorization” application and the “Consent and Disclosure” application. Holly Jones has these at her desk in OACS – 305 Rand.
    • Photocopy of driver’s license turned in to Holly Jones.
    • $10.00 cash or check turned in to Holly Jones.
    • Holly Jones submits this information to risk management. After receiving confirmation, the student will be able to drive an OACS vehicle.
    • New Vanderbilt policy: All students driving for Vanderbilt events (using either an OACS vehicle or their personal vehicle) must complete the driving module.

OACS Vehicle Loan Program

OACS vehicles are available for service projects within Davidson County. All Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff are eligible to drive once they have completed the driver certification or renewal procedures. To use an OACS vehicle for a service project, you’ll need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the driver authorization or renewal module (procedures above).
  2. Join OACS on Anchor Link.
  3. Go to Virtual EMS. Log in to the Single Sign-On for Virtual EMS with your VUNet ID and password. Under the “Reservations” tab, click “OACS – Vehicle Requests”. Find your date(s) and complete all necessary information. You will not receive a confirmation email, and will need to check Virtual EMS for your approval/denial.
  4. On the day of your service (Monday-Friday), pick up and return the car keys in OACS (Rand 305) between the hours of 7:30am – 4:15pm. Return keys to the Sarratt cinema desk after 4:30pm.
  5. For weekend reservations, pick up car keys by 4:15pm on Friday. Return keys to the Sarratt cinema desk.
  6. Remember: Vanderbilt students are not allowed to transport non-Vanderbilt students in OACS vehicles without a signed waiver from the parent/guardian of the minor, or from the adult you will be transporting. The waivers are available in OACS – please see your advisor to obtain the appropriate form.
  7. In the event of an accident, it’s important for you to have read the Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedure. This is located in each vehicle’s glove box. You must do so immediately before proceeding.
  8. Please read the “How to Use OACS Service Vehicles” PowerPoint at the top of this page.

OACS Vehicle Use Policy

  • Students, faculty, and staff can only use OACS vehicles for service projects.
  • Students who want to use OACS vehicles must be driver certified. This involves taking the online driver’s module or renewal and completing a motor vehicle report background check.
  • Certified students may not let a non-certified student drive an OACS vehicle, even if they are in the car together.
  • If a student wants to do a service project outside of Davidson County, they need to prepare a written proposal outlining the project and deliver it to Dr. Clive Mentzel. Proposals must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Students can check out OACS vehicles as early as 6:00am and can keep them out as late as 9:00pm. Special circumstances involving other times will be reviewed by the Dr. Clive Mentzel.
  • Vehicles must be returned the same day that they are checked out.
  • A Student Travel Form is required of students traveling to an area that might pose a risk. This form will only need to be signed once a semester, per student, and per site. Examples include disaster zones, high crime areas, protest sites/demonstrations, remote areas (more than 60 miles from the nearest hospital), and any programs addressing populations under stress (people who are experiencing homelessness, people who are experiencing incarceration, or ones medically at risk).