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Ecuador 2017

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We want every interested student to have the chance to experience one of our Global Services Programs. If you would like to contribute a donation towards student accessibility for these immersive, international experiences, click the link above and then select a designation of “Other.” On the next page, make sure to enter “Office of Active Citizenship and Service” as the designation. In special comments, add in “student financial aid for global programs” so we can make sure to connect your contribution to the fund. Thank you for continuing your commitment to the Global OACS community!

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Student Reflections

“In Ecuador, I have discovered this passion through hearing about the diversity of experiences individuals in our cohort are having here and their reactions to these experiences, and through keeping up with international news, but through the lens of a completely new country.”

“During recreo, a group of five grabbed onto my hands and legs and wouldn’t let go, so I walked around the playground a lot heavier than normal. Looking back at that snapshot of kids clinging onto me on Friday is making me laugh–I would’ve never pictured that happening to me at any point in life.”

Meet the 2017 Ecuador Cohort

Interested in hearing their stories? Read their blogs here!

Partner Organizations

Instituto de Investigación, Educación y Promoción Popular del Ecuador
Camp Hope
Yachay Wasi

Community Partners

The OACS Global Service Program in Ecuador would not be possible without our trusted and longstanding partnership with the Nichols Humanitarian Fund.