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Engaging with Community Partners

Given the unprecedented events in the past few weeks, we understand that you may be age to support your community during this time. Please remember, too, that community partners are facing a great deal of change and uncertainty, and we must be responsive to their needs.

The following is a list of guidelines to keep in mind when supporting and contacting your community partner:

  • Explore their website and social media
    • What have they already shared about the services or greatest needs?
  • If you reach out to your partner:
    • Email is probably the best platform.
    • Ask how you can provide the most support. Remember to be flexible, sensitive, and understanding.
    • What are their needs? What is reasonable?
  • Be mindful of not placing an additional burden on the partner.
    • Some may not have the capacity for additional support, or the ability to provide training and resources for meaningful remote work.

Below we have listed a menu of opportunities for engagement with non-profits during this time. These are simply suggestions, as the needs, wants, and capacity of community partners will vary.

Online Volunteering Opportunities



Hands on Nashville Virtual Opportunities

Hands on Nashville GeekCause

Meet needs in the local community while staying safer at home. Current opportunities here.

Meeting the tech needs of Nashville community partners

UN Online Volunteering

Online volunteer database that addresses sustainable development challenges


Volunteer search tool for online volunteer projects (can filter by interest area, time frame, etc.)

Amnesty Decoders

Support Amnesty International in conducting research on global human rights violations

Translators Without Borders

This nonprofit asks for volunteers that are fluent in another language to translate (ex: medical texts, crisis response, etc.)

Missing Maps (Doctors Without Borders)

Map for any projects in their system. (It will take you about an hour watching tutorials to learn how to do this)


Support scientific research online

Project Gutenberg

Support this project in producing more e-Books, and sending CDs/DVDS to those without internet access


Record audio books and materials for the public domain

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Make historical documents more accessible

National Park Service

Support project development and web applications

Be My Eyes

Provide visual assistance through a live video call to those who are blind or visually impaired

7 Cups



BrightPath Tutors


Become an emotional support and volunteer listener



BrightPath is looking for volunteers to tutor high school students at Metro Nashville Public Schools and students at Nashville State Community College. The time commitment for tutoring is about 2 hours per week, and all tutoring is done virtually, so you can work on your own schedule.


Crisis Text Line

*Long-term opportunity


*Long-term opportunity and commitment. Volunteer as a virtual college coach to provide college application guidance to low-income high school students across the nation

Volunteer Opportunity Databases

Hands on Nashville

Other Possible Ways to Support Nonprofits Remotely

Student Engagement Ideas


Social Media

Support nonprofits in growing their audience. Consider offering Instagram Takeovers, writing blog posts, creating a profile, or highlighting your story and others


Contribute to website development, creating videos, graphic design, print program materials, or brochures

App Development

Consider how an app could broaden nonprofit impact, stories, events, etc.

Data Entry

Volunteer tracking, updating database


Support nonprofits in identifying best practices, engagement strategies, a list of grant opportunities, or use research to help develop a marketing plan or new tools

Event Organizing

Support design, coordination, and execution


Make phone calls, send emails

Assessment and Project Evaluation

Analyze, synthesize, and provide feedback that may help inform future goals

Show your Virtual Support

Write a positive review for the organization or a letter of encouragement, Create cards for shelters, senior centers, hospitals, and other orgs

Other Resources

Voter Engagement

Credits: OACS would like to credit the various organizations for sharing such thorough resources that led to the creation of this guide. We extend a huge thank you to the sources from Portland State University, Iowa and Minnesota Campus Compact, and IUPUI.