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Vandy Votes Student Organization

About Vandy Votes

Vandy Votes is a registered student organization that is dedicated to increasing voter registration and turnout, and overall civic engagement, in the Vanderbilt community through collaboration with students, faculty and staff. At full capacity, Vandy Votes is structured with an executive committee of 11 Project Areas and three co-presidents. To date, Vandy Votes has been involved in hosting voter registration drives, absentee ballot parties, presidential and vice presidential candidate debate watch parties, meaningful interactions with your candidate workshops, and constitution week activities on campus.

2020-2021 Executive Committee Members

Project Areas

Vandy Votes has identified 11 Project Areas vital to the attainment of the organization’s short- and long-term goals. The 2020-2021 Project Areas are:

Absentee Ballots

Donyea James (Chair)

Riley Black (Chair)

Sarah O’Neal

Julia Lotan

Campus Equity

Kaira Brown (Chair)

Alex Brooks (Chair)

Allison Carter

Amber Miller

Community Organizations Outreach

Ameera Ilyas (Chair)

Cameron Deal

Caroline Hackley

Anna Grace Morgan

Early Voting

Neel Pai (Chair)

Demi Washington (Chair)

Quinn Muscatel

Education and Advocacy

Riya Doshi (Chair)

Mat Matuia (Chair)

Livvy Whitmore

Jeffrey Huddleston

Faculty and Staff Outreach

Bryce Emanuel (Chair)

Emma Oliver (Chair)

National Voter Registration Day

Cassidy Kortze (Chair)

Ava Dziadzio

Virali Patel

Sarah Hirsch

New Student Voter Integration

Stephanie Miller (Chair)

Spencer Harrison (Chair)

Sophia Podolsky

Avery Sweet

PR and Communications

Eshan Patel (Chair)

Victoria Cruz (Chair)

LC Johnston

Gillian Mortimer

Student Athletes

Kimya Raietparvar (Chair)

Cameron Robinson (Chair)

Emily Cohen

Olivia Simmons

Myra Konte

Voter Registration

Cheyenne Deibert (Chair)

Maiesha Hossain (Chair)

Bella Randle

Liza Moskowitz


The Vandy Votes co-presidents facilitate organization recruitment, lead member training, plan and lead general body and executive committee meetings, participate in local, state, and national voter engagement network calls, represent Vandy Votes to outside groups, assess and report organization impact, and prepare the organization for sustainability.

Frances Lavey – Junior (Class of 2022 – Nashville, TN)

Major(s): Political Science & Medicine, Health, and Society (Mathematics Minor)

Tess Ostroff – Junior (Class of 2022 – Summit, NJ)

Major(s): Political Science

Cassidy Latchford – Sophomore (Class of 2023 – Naperville, IL)

Major(s): Public Policy & Medicine, Health, and Society