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Vandy Votes Committee

Committee Overview

Created in 2018, Vandy Votes is a student-led committee that is dedicated to increasing voter registration and turnout, and overall civic engagement, in the Vanderbilt community through collaboration with students, faculty and staff. At full capacity, the Vandy Votes committee is structured with an executive committee of nine students including an executive chair, and co-chairs for each of the four subcommittees that are responsible for communications, strategic planning, education and advocacy, and voter registration and turnout. To date, the Vandy Votes committee has been involved in hosting voter registration drives, absentee ballot parties, presidential and vice presidential candidate debate watch parties, meaningful interactions with your candidate workshops, and constitution week activities on campus.

2020 Vandy Votes Action Plan

2019 – 2020 Executive Committee Members

Executive Chair 

Gracie Rule – Senior (Class of 2020 – Tulsa, OK)

Major(s): Human and Organizational Development, Political Science


Communications Chair

Frances Lavey – Sophomore (Class of 2022 – Nashville, TN)

Major(s): Political Science & Medicine, Health, and Society (Mathematics Minor)


Strategic Planning Chair

Christian Suarez – Graduate Student (Class of 2020 – Miami, FL)

Major(s): Economics (Master’s)


Education & Advocacy Chair

Tess Ostroff – Sophomore (Class of 2022 – Summit, NJ)

Major(s): Political Science


Voter Registration & Turnout Chair

Cassidy Latchford – Freshman (Class of 2023 – Naperville, IL)

Major(s): Public Policy & Medicine, Health, and Society