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Securing the Future of Men’s Tennis

In 2003,the Men’s Tennis team, coached by Ken Flach, made Vanderbilt history when they became the first team in any sport to make an NCAA Championship Finals appearance. Our narrative continues to be rich and storied with successes and firsts. With a gift to our program, you can be part of a new chapter—making Vanderbilt Men’s Tennis among the first of the university’s athletic programs to fully endow the critical scholarships that support our student-athletes.

Together, we can ensure that Men’s Tennis can recruit extraordinary talent and provide financial support for our student-athletes for years to come. This would be a historic show of support. The security offered by endowed scholarships has a powerful resonance, and elevates our program’s national prestige. 

The moment is now to recognize the hard work our student-athletes have put in over the years, and the pride they’ve brought Vanderbilt Men’s Tennis, with a permanent investment in their education and success. 

Goal: 6.7 Million, 45% Funded

We are grateful for the donors who have contributed to scholarships that set us on a path toward reaching our goal. We invite you, the Vanderbilt Men’s Tennis family, to make a gift or pledge to an existing scholarship endowment, or establish a named scholarship at the $100,000+ level. 

To make a contribution to the Men's Tennis Scholarship Fund please visit our giving form.

If you would like to make a multi-year pledge, please print and complete this form

For additional information, or to establish a new scholarship, please contact the National Commodore Club at (615) 322-4114 or email

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