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Men's Basketball Seating & Parking

Memorial Gymnasium - 2013-14 NCC Seating

basketball seating

Seat Location
Annual Donation (per seat)
Sections 2F and 2L, Rows 11–26
Sections 3A–3E, Rows 8–12
Sections 2F and 2L, Rows 1–10
Sections 2G–2K, Rows 1–8
Sections 3A–3E, Rows 1–7
Sections F and L, Rows 1–11
Sections 2A–2E, Rows 9–14
Sections 2A–2E, Rows 1–8
Sections A–E, Rows 8–23
Sections A–E, Rows 1–7

* Ticket prices are not included

For suite information, call the NCC office at (615) 322-4114.

Memorial Gymnasium - 2013-14 NCC Parking

NCC men’s basketball parking areas include the Kensington Garage on the north side of Memorial Gym and the 25th Avenue Garage, one block southeast of Memorial Gym. For NCC members who are disabled, parking is in Lot 71 on the south side of Memorial Gym.

basketball parking

Men's Basketball

Contribution levels for each parking lot:

  • $8,000 or more – Reserved space in Kensington Garage
  • $6,000-7,999 – Kensington Garage levels 1-3
  • $3,000-5,999 – Kensington Garage levels 4-7
  • $250-2,999 – 25th Avenue Garage

Women's Basketball

Contribution levels for the parking lot:

  • $150 – Reserved space in Kensington Garage

NCC Parking Policies

National Commodore Club members get priority parking on football and basketball game days. Parking passes are exclusively allocated to season ticket-holding NCC members based on level of membership.

Handicapped parking

Lot 71, on the east side of Hawkins Field, is used for NCC handicapped parking for football and men's and women's basketball season ticket holders. This lot requires a $150 contribution to the NCC and a valid state-issued handicapped hangtag. These spaces will be allocated based on NCC priority. Because spaces in Lot 71 are limited, we cannot guarantee availability even if a donation is made.