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Scooter and Bike Share FAQ

Can I ride a scooter on campus, and if so, are there specific areas where I should ride?

Scooters are allowed on Vanderbilt’s campus on sidewalks, pathways and roadways. Scooter users should reduce their speed and yield to pedestrians and provide audible or hand signals when approaching and passing pedestrians and follow the rules of the roads on campus and city streets, including stopping at stop lights and stop signs.

Are scooters prohibited in any area of campus?

Vanderbilt has designated a few dismount zones on campus where scooters are prohibited from being ridden and should be walked. These areas include both pedestrian bridges across 21st Avenue, Medical Center Plaza and the Rand Wall walkway. Scooters should not be taken into or ridden in any university buildings, including residence halls.

I heard there are certain scooter operators that Vanderbilt allows on campus. Which companies are allowed?

Vanderbilt allows electric scooter operators to operate on campus if they obtain a permit through the city’s program and agree to adhere to Vanderbilt’s additional agreement. Currently, three of the five operators in Nashville are approved to operate on Vanderbilt’s campus. The companies include Bird, Lime and Spin. Individuals can ride scooters from non-approved operators on campus, but those operators are not allowed to stage scooters on campus.

Where can I park a scooter when I finish my ride?

Vanderbilt has created about 30 designated parking areas across campus where scooters should be parked. The parking areas are a combination of bike racks or green painted squares that have signage indicating they are for scooters or bikes. You can view a map of the locations here. Scooters can also be parked at any of the bike racks on campus.

Scooters should not be parked in front of building entrances; in the middle of sidewalks, pathways or driveways; or on accessible ramps. Please help us keep campus accessible for all.

I heard that the university might be updating its scooter and bike parking. Can you tell me more?

Vanderbilt staff are studying and making changes to scooter and bike parking in collaboration with the School of Engineering. These new parking areas will feature improved signage and a few additional locations, making the parking areas more visible in high-demand areas in an effort to keep campus walkways and building entrances clear of scooters and accessible for all.

I have noticed scooters left in the middle of a pathway or sidewalk blocking access. What should I do?

Anyone in the campus community can help keep campus accessible for all and reduce scooter clutter if they notice it. We encourage anyone who observes improper parking to report the issue to the scooter company through the individual apps or to Vanderbilt University Public Safety through the non-emergency number at 615-322-2745. If you are physically able to, you can move the scooter out of the way or to a designated parking area if there is one close by.

What should I do if I have been in an accident involving a scooter or bike on campus?

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident on or near campus involving a scooter or bicycle, please report the incident to Vanderbilt University Police Department. For non-emergencies, call 615-322-2745. For emergencies, call 615-421-1911 if you are on campus or 911 if you are off campus.

I want to learn more about scooter safety. Does Vanderbilt offer any resources or classes I can take?

During the 2018-2019 academic year, a Dockless Education Outreach Group comprised of students and staff met to discuss scooters on campus and develop ways to educate the campus community. The group helped with myVU articles, a scooter safety video, and scooter and bike safety tip cards. Vanderbilt Public Safety also developed a scooter safety class to teach the campus community about scooter safety, how to be a responsible scooter user, and provide an opportunity for individuals to try out scooters in an enclosed environment.

VUPS will continue to offer scooter safety classes for interested members of the Vanderbilt community. If you are interested in taking a scooter or bike safety class, let us know by completing the online form here.

Can I charge an electric scooter on campus?

Scooters are prohibited from being charged inside any university building, including residence halls and academic buildings.

Does Vanderbilt have a bike share system on campus?

Vanderbilt currently does not have a designated bike share system. The university is actively looking for opportunities to bring dockless or docked bike share to campus.

Nashville’s docked bikeshare system, BCycle, has stations that are adjacent to campus. The three closest locations are located at 21st Ave S & Broadway, on Wedgewood Ave between 19th Ave S and 21st Ave S, and at 102 27th Ave N in Centennial Park. B-Cycles are $5 for a day pass or $50 for unlimited hour-long rides all year. More information can be found here.

Where can I learn more?

More information can be found here.