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Daily Parking Pilot Program

Vanderbilt is exploring a daily parking pilot program for a limited number of commuters in fall 2020. In response to data and feedback from the campus community, the daily parking pilot would give commuters more options to choose from when making their daily decision on how they will travel to campus and provide greater flexibility than the traditional annual permit to better match their dynamic lifestyles.

Daily parking will likely be piloted in Terrace Place Garage, Wesley Place Garage, and Sony Garage. Participants will have access to the MoveVU commute app, which will connect them to available transportation options and allow them to track their daily commutes. The university is exploring a parking charge of $3 per day and the potential to provide a small financial incentive to participants when they take certain sustainable commute modes.

If you are interested in participating in the daily parking pilot program, please complete the interest form below. The form does not guarantee you participation in the program but will allow us to better understand the demand for a daily parking option and how best to structure the program. Participants will be selected based on their current commute habits and demand for the program and will be notified in advance of the fall semester.

What are the benefits of participating in the daily parking pilot program? Learn more here.