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The King Memorial In Washington D.C.
The King Center For Nonviolent Social Change
MLK National Calendar of Events
Reference Sources from LSU: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month
Stanford University’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project

What is Race?

Writings and Quotations

Available in the University Chaplain’s Office

PBS Videotapes: America at the Racial Crossroads – 1965 to 1985
These videos may be checked out for viewing. This six-part series, 2.5 years in the making, is the most comprehensive television documentary on the American Civil Rights Movement ever produced. Through rare historical film and incisive present-day interviews, the events and issues of the second American Revolution come to life. Return to the streets, churches, courts, and schools where the struggle raged. Meet the people who challenged the system and changed history. Relive the pain, the protest, the sacrifice and triumph of the grassroots struggle for racial equality.

Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years
•Episode 1: Awakenings (1954-56)
•Episode 2: Fighting Back (1957-62)
•Episode 3: Ain’t Scared of Your Jails (1960-61)
•Episode 4: No Easy Walk (1962-66)
•Episode 6: Bridge to Freedom (1965)
•Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years II
•The Promised Land (1967-1968)
•Power! (1967-1968)
•A Nation of Law? (1968-1971)
•Back to the Movement (1979 to mid-1980s)
•The Keys to the Kingdom (1974-1980)

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•Association of Vanderbilt Black Alumni (AVBA)
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