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Biopsych Workshop (2015)

Biopsych Workshop

February 17-18, 2015

The Center for Medicine, Health, and Society

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN

In Collaboration with:

The Department for Social Sciences, Health and Medicine, Kings College London

The Centre for Global Mental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The Institute for Social Medicine and the Rio Center for Global Health, State University of Rio de Janeiro

Funded with support from:

The Vanderbilt International Office

A Research Scholars Lecture Series Grant


Photos and video from the workshop


Workshop schedule


Workshop participants


Cross-disciplinary fertilization in global mental health

In February 2015, MHS hosted a workshop linked to a larger project entitled “Global Biopsychiatry: Establishing an International Partnership For Critical and Constructive Global Mental Health” led by Professors Dominique Béhague, Jonathan Metzl and Kenneth MacLeish and funded by the Vanderbilt International Office and a Research Scholars Lecture Series grant. The workshop’s aim was to enhance cross-disciplinary debate and fertilization in current debates on the globalization of psychiatry and the emerging field of global mental health. Bringing together eminent scholars from the humanities, the social sciences, medicine, psychiatry, and public health, conversations centered on how to contribute positively to global mental health while also furthering critical and nuanced understandings of the political sensibilities at stake in the globalization of health expertise.

**Post-script: Though Nashville was struck by a snow and ice storm the week of the workshop and several participants got stuck in various airports across the globe, we thank all participants for helping us stick to the proposed schedule as much as was possible, sending comments through email and joining us via Skype!!**