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Student Testimonials

David Amsalem, BA ’10, MD ’15

I feel light years ahead of medical students who did not come from a similar program like medicine, health, and society, because to be a good doctor it takes more than just understanding science. Vanderbilt is at the forefront of this type of patient-centered care—of not just treating the disease but treating the patient too.

Michael Cross, BA ’12, MA ’13

With other majors—biology, neuroscience, chemistry—the focus is tunnel vision. Medicine, health, and society is ripping off those blinders and looking at every aspect of medicine. I have friends who work in health care technology or in finance, and the reason they are doing so well is because of the diversity of courses in medicine, health, and society and the quality of the professors who engage students and challenge them think critically about a bigger picture.

Alexis Mundo, BA ’17, MA candidate ’18

The greatest thing about MHS is the interdisciplinary approach it takes in relation to studying health care and medicine. You have multiple options of classes and approaches that broaden your understanding of the topics and allow students to explore many extensive subjects. No other major enables this kind of exploration.

Kristi Troutman, BA ’17, MA Candidate ’18

Studying MHS has been the perfect complement to my pre-med classes; I now not only understand the science behind medicine but also the social and societal aspects as well. My MHS major has equipped me to provide better care to my future patients because it has taught me how to understand the greater context and needs of the people I am serving.