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18 credit hours of course work, distributed as follows:

1. CORE COURSE – One of the following core courses (3 hours):

  • MHS 1920, Politics of Health
  • MHS 1930, Social Dimensions of Health and Illness
  • MHS 1940, Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities
  • MHS 1950, Theories of the Body
  • MHS 2110, American Medicine in the World
  • MHS 2230, Masculinity and Men’s Health
  • MHS 3890, HUM 1610, COVID and Society
  • ANTH 2342, Biology of Inequality

2. CONCENTRATION – Three courses (9 hours) in one of the concentrations areas:

  • Global health: emphasizes social and political determinants of global health disparities, history of global public health concepts and practices, relationship between culture and health, various health systems.
  • Health policies and economies: emphasizes the economic, legal, and political dimensions of health.
  • Health behaviors and health sciences: emphasizes biological and social foundations of health.
  • Inequality, intersectionality, and health justice: emphasizes how diverse structures of inequality intersect and shape health disparities; and considers the role of social justice movements in reducing inequities.
  • Medicine, humanities and the arts: emphasizes critical inquiry of our most basic ideas about health and medicine.

(Applicable courses are listed in the Catalog).

3. ELECTIVES –‐ Two additional courses, chosen from the list of approved courses except for those listed under “Basic Biomedical Sciences Option.” (6 credit hours)

4. DISCIPLINARY REQUIREMENT — At least three credit hours from the following courses must be used to satisfy the concentration requirement or electives requirement.

  • ANTH 2213W, Food, Identity, and Culture
  • ANTH 3143, Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 3141, Anthropology of Healing
  • ANTH 3345, Genetics in Society
  • CSET 3890, Genetic Breakthroughs: The Promise
  • ECON 2350, Health Care Policy
  • ECON 3350, Economics of Health
  • HIST 2780, Superhuman Civilization
  • HIST 2800, Modern Medicine
  • MHS 1960, Health Humanities
  • MHS 2140, Health Care in the United States: Policy and Politics
  • MHS 3050W, Medicine and Literature
  • MHS 3120, Medicine, Science, and Technology
  • MUSL 3235, Music, Pandemics, and History
  • PHIL 1008, 1008W, Introduction to Medical Ethics
  • PHIL 3608, Ethics and Medicine
  • PSY 3635, Health Psychology
  • SOC 3301, Society and Medicine
  • SOC 3304, Race, Gender, and Health
  • SOC 3306, Gender and Medical Work