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The Politics of Health in the U.S. South Conference Schedule (2016)

The Politics of Health in the U.S. South Conference Schedule (2016)

Day 1 – Thursday, March 17, 2016

2:00-2:30 pm
Welcome and Opening Comments
Location: Light Hall, Room 208

Lauren Benton (Dean, College of Arts and Science, Vanderbilt University)
Jonathan Metzl (Director, Center for Medicine, Health, and Society (MHS), Vanderbilt University)

2:30-4:00 pm

Panel 1 – The Politics of Health in the US South
Location: Light Hall, Room 208

Moderator: Jonathan Metzl (Director, MHS, Vanderbilt University)

  • John Graves (Preventive Medicine, Vanderbilt School of Medicine): Healthcare Reform in the South
  • Bill Purcell (Former Mayor of Nashville): Politics in the South
  • Consuelo H. Wilkins (Executive Director, Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance): Research in the South
  • Evelyn Patterson (Sociology, Vanderbilt University): Incarceration in the South
  • Beth Roth (Policy Director, Safe Tennessee Project): Guns and Gun Violence in the South
  • Sarah Rudasill (Wake Forest University): Student Research in the South


Keynote 1, Melissa Harris Perry (Wake Forest)
Location: Benton Chapel, Vanderbilt Divinity School

Introductory: Emilie Townes (Dean, Vanderbilt Divinity School)
Reflection Response: Ebony McGee (Diversity and STEM Education,
Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University)

6:30-7:30 pm
Location: Vanderbilt Divinity School, 124 Reading Room



Day 2 – Friday, March 18, 2016

8:00 am

Student Breakfast
Location: Calhoun Hall, Room 300

Welcome: Frank Dobson (Director, Black Cultural Center, Vanderbilt University)

9:00-9:45 am
Keynote 2: Food Politics in the US South
Bryant Simon (Temple University) – “Chickenization and the Perils of Public Health in the South”
Location: Black Cultural Center Auditorium, Room 118

Welcome: JuLeigh Petty (Assistant Director, MHS, Vanderbilt University)
Introduction: Sarah Igo (History, Vanderbilt University)

10:00-11:30 am
Keynote 3/Panel 2: The Narratives and Poetics of the US South
Jesmyn Ward (Tulane; winner of the 2011 National Book Award for Fiction and the 2016 Strauss Living for Literary Excellence prize)
Location: Black Cultural Center Auditorium, Room 118

Introduction: Tony Earley (English, Vanderbilt University)
Response and readings: Students from the MFA program

Tiana Clark (MFA Student, Vanderbilt University)
Kelsey Norris (MFA Student, Vanderbilt University)
Response: Kate Daniels (Creative Writing, Vanderbilt University)

Coffee break

11:45-1:00 pm
Panel 3: Health Justice and the US South 1: Policy and Advocacy
Location: Black Cultural Center Auditorium, Room 118

Moderator: Cindy Kam (Political Science, Vanderbilt University)

  • Kenneth Robinson (President/CEO, United Way of the Mid-South, Physician and Pastor Emeritus of St. Andrew AME in Memphis, TN)
  • David K. Jones (Health Policy & Management, Boston University), “Health Reform in the South: Re-Tracing Robert Kennedy’s Steps”
  • Leo Eisenstein (Harvard Medical School) and Esme Cullen (UC San Francisco), “Southern Medical Students’ Views on Medicaid Expansion”
  • Adam Wilk (Health Policy and Management, Emory University), Leigh Evans (Boston University), and David K. Jones (Health Policy & Management, Boston University), “State Efforts to Improve Access in Primary Care: Six States that Did not Expand Medicaid but Extended the Primary Care ‘Fee Bump’”
  • Jack Willey and Diana Lopez (Workers’ Dignity): “‘Hotels Shouldn’t Hurt’: A Preliminary Report on the Health and Human Rights Crisis in Nashville Hospitality”

1:00-2:15 pm

Lunch/Poster Session
Location: Alumni Hall (Lunch, Room 202; Poster Session, Lounge 100)

  • Tessa A. Eidelman and C. Danielle Wilfong (Human and Organization Development, Vanderbilt University): “Leveraging Secondary Data Sources in Advocacy Efforts to Insure Tennessee”
  • Venus Green (MHS, Vanderbilt University): “A Damnation of Black Motherhood: The Politics of Policing African American Women’s Reproductive Capacities via Cultural Representations of Black Maternity within Advertisements in the U.S. South”
  • Ana S. Iltis (Wake Forest University) and Kirstin Matthews (Rice University): “Neglected Tropics Disease and the US South: Policy and Professional Responses to Improve Health in the South”
  • Peter Kent-Stoll (MHS, Vanderbilt University): “The Personally Responsible Health Subject and the Self-Reliant Man: How Neoliberal Health Roles and Masculine Norms Shape African American Men’s Experiences with Colorectal Cancer”
  • Kevin Jefferson (MPH/Doctoral Candidate, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University): “From Banishment to Harm Reduction: Structural Responses to Sex Work in Atlanta”
  • Tilicia L. Mayo-Gamble (Meharry Medical College): “Examining the Relationship between Hypertension and Health Literacy among Underserved Women”
  • Alex Reitz (MD/MPH Candidate, Emory School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health): “Building a Scientific Understanding of Genetic Ancestry: Combating Reductionist Definitions of Race in Clinical Care”
  • Amanda M. Zabala and Cornell P. Wright (Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities, North Carolina Division of Public Health): “Development of Faith-Focused Health Initiative to Close the Racial Gap in Infant Mortality in North Carolina”
  • Audrey T. Negrelli, Elsa M. Young, Fiker Bekele, Ngoc Emily Nguyen and Taylor Evans (Vanderbilt University): “The Neglect of Refugees and Migrant Workers in the Global Health Community”
  • Anna Hill (Vanderbilt University):
    “A Comparison of For-Profit and Non-Profit Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Florida”
Sierra Simone Davis (Vanderbilt University): “Teenage Pregnancy in Tennessee”
  • Katharine Patricia Linek (Vanderbilt University): “Evaluating Medicaid Reform: A Comparison of Hospitals in Expansion and Non-Expansion States”
  • Aiden Lee (Vanderbilt University): “Mental Health Status of Refugees in Nashville as a Result of External Stressors”
  • Yasmine Nicole Griffiths (Vanderbilt University): “ACA and Health Among African American and Latino Communities in Tennessee”
  • Emma S. Hollingsworth (Vanderbilt University): “Gun Violence and Religion in the U.S. South”
  • Jessica Yue Huang (Vanderbilt University): “Gun Culture in Tennessee and Its Effects on the State’s Amount of Gun Violence and Legislation”
  • Paige C. Wilson (Vanderbilt University): “Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Access to Healthcare for Individuals with Disabilities in Tennessee”

2:15-3:25 pm

Panel 4: Intersectional Research in the US South
Location: Black Cultural Center Auditorium, Room 118

Moderator: Aimi Hamraie (MHS, Vanderbilt University)

  • Kimberlyn Leary (White House Council on Women and Girls, Harvard)
  • Gilbert Gonzales (Health Policy, Vanderbilt University): Health Disparities in LGBT People of Color
  • Melissa Creary, Ryan Gibson, Emily Pingel, Manu Platt, Anne Pollock, Abigail A. Sewell, Jennifer Singh, and Lewis A. Wheaton (Working Group on Race and Racism in Contemporary Biomedicine): “The Changing Face of HIV: Toward an Intersectional Understanding of Race and HIV in the South”
  • Laura Carpenter (Sociology, Vanderbilt): “Cutting Both Ways: Male Circumcision and Health Disparities in the US South”
  • Michael Wright and Taunya S. Wright (Department of Social Work and Urban Studies, Tennessee State University (TSU)): “Responsibility and Health Care Expectations in the U.S. South: Tobacco and Soul Food as Barriers”

Response: Phillis Sheppard (Vanderbilt Divinity School)

3:30-4:15 pm
Panel 5: Health Justice and the US South II: The US South in Global Contexts
Location: Black Cultural Center Auditorium, Room 118

Moderators: Dominique Béhague (MHS, Vanderbilt University) and Michael Orsini (Fulbright Visiting Research Chair, MHS, Vanderbilt University)

  • Joseph Interrante (Nashville CARES), “The Politics of HIV/AIDS in the South”
  • Daphne R. Robinson (Law Center, University of Houston), “Living and Dying in the Mississippi Delta: Place Really Does Matter in Public Health”
  • Tara McKay (MHS, Vanderbilt University), “Pursuing Social Justice through Public Health: Linking Gender and Sexual Diversity Activism in Malawi and the US”
  • Beth Conklin (Anthropology, Vanderbilt University)

4:15 pm
Next steps

4:45-6:00 pm
Live Music Reception at MHS
Location: Calhoun Hall, Room 300