Affiliated Faculty

Sarah Igo

Associate Professor of History; Associate Professor of History and Political Science; Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society; Associate Professor of Sociology


  • Modern American cultural and intellectual history
  • The history of the human sciences, the sociology of knowledge
  • The history of the public sphere

Velma Murry

Professor & Betts Chair, Dept. of Human & Organizational Development

  • Impact of racism on family functioning
  • External stressors and protective factors on African American families
  • Studies of African American families and youth

Evelyn Patterson

Assistant Professor of Sociology; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society

  • Correctional Populations
  • Mortality
  • Mathematical Demography
  • Statistics

Terry A. Maroney

Associate Professor of Law; Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society

  • Explores how cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience can illuminate critical issues in law
  • Examines the role of emotion in judging

Ifeoma Kiddoe Nwankwo

Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Associate Professor

  • U.S. African American Literature and Popular Music
  • Caribbean Literature and Popular Music
  • Using Life Narratives in Aging Research and Translation

A. Scott Pearson

Associate Professor of Surgery and Medicine; Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society


  • Impact of narratives on patient care and health outcomes
  • Author of the novels Rupture, and Public Anatomy

Melissa McPheeters

Research Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Research Associate Professor of Medicine, Health and Society

  • Evidence-based medicine and comparative effectiveness
  • Combines research translation and policy, including the role of stakeholders in CER, with the use of large databases and conduct of systematic reviews

Michele Orsini

  • Health policy
  • Interest groups and social movements
  • Critical disability studies
  • Autism politics and policy

Matthew Ramsey

Professor of History, Emeritus; Founding Director and Professor Emeritus Center for Medicine, Health and Society


  • History of modern France
  • History of medicine, public health, and public assistance
  • European cultural history in the 18th and 19th centuries
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