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Preliminary 2020 HHC Conference Schedule:

2020 International Health Humanities Consortium:
The Politics of Health
March 26-28, 2020 | Vanderbilt University


Preliminary 2020 HHC Conference Schedule:

The Politics of Health


Thursday, March 26, 2020

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Pre-Conference Workshop: Theater of the Oppressed, Central Library Community Room

  • Katherine Burke and Gretchen Case

2:00pm – 3:00pm: HHC Steering Committee Meeting

4:00pm – 6:00pm: Vanderbilt MHS Event: The Politics of HealthBenton Chapel

  • Jonathan M. Metzl(Moderator, Conference Chair) Director of the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society, Vanderbilt University
  • Welcoming Remarks: Susan Wente, Provost and Interim Chancellor, Vanderbilt University
  • Welcoming Poem: Caroline Randall-Williams, Vanderbilt University
  • Student welcoming remarks

Panel: How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Move Forward?

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Reception, *ticketed event for registered conference attendees*


Friday, March 27, 2020

7:00am – 8:00am: Breakfast and RegistrationCommunity Room Central Library

8:00am – 8:30am: Opening Welcome and Remarks, Community Room Central Library

  • HHC Opening and Welcoming Remarks: Quentin Eichbaum, Vanderbilt University Medical Center/ HHC Co-Chair and Lise Saffran, University of Missouri, HHC Co-Chair

8:30am – 10:00am: Friday Opening PlenaryCommunity Room Central Library

Keywords for Health Humanities

Chair: Sari Altschuler, Northeastern University

10:00am – 10:30am: BREAK

10:30am – 12:00pm: Session I

Panel: Doctors and Writers and the Politics of WritingCommunity Room Central Library

Chair: TBD

Workshop: The process and politics of defining pain: Considerations from a health humanities perspectiveCentral Library 800BB

  • Lucia Gagliese, York University

Panel: Critical Borderwork: Health Humanities, Disability Studies, and Mapping North America’s Geopolitics of DifferenceSarratt 189

Chair: Jessica Fields, University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Andrea Charise, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Cassandra Hartblay, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Sean Lee, Tangled Art + Disability, Toronto
  • Beatriz Miranda, 17 Instituto de Estudios Críticos, Mexico City
  • Celeste Pang, University of Toronto Scarborough

Individual Presentations: Political Perspectives of Public HealthSarratt 216/220

Chair: TBD

  • Takunda Matose, Vanderbilt University, “Justice and the Collective Conception of Health”
  • Brian Callender, University of Chicago, “More than political cartoons: graphic medicine’s critique of the U.S. healthcare system”
  • Ulrich Koch, George Washington University, “Epistemic versus political virtues? On the interdependencies between political discourse and scholarly debate in the medical humanities”
  • Raie Gessesse; Susi Keefe, Hamline University, “Political Determinants of Health: A New Approach to Advancing Public Health”
  • Carina Fourie, University of Washington, “Health Inequities and the Mitigation of Ill Health”
  • Kym Weed, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Our Microbiota, Ourselves: Imagining Communal Health”

Panel: What Is Going On With Measles? The Politics of Vaccination Dissent and What To Do About ItSarratt 325/327

Chair: Bernice Hausman, Penn State College of Medicine

  • Tarryn A. Abrahams, Virginia Tech
  • Melissa Carrion, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Panel: Future Shock: Using Science Fiction to Teach Ethics and NeuroethicsCentral Library 418A

Chair: David Elkin, ZSFG / UCSF

  • Kat Jong, University of Washington
  • Tianyi Zhang, UCSF

Panel: Global Health Humanities: a critical examination of empathy in global health, Central Library 612A

Chair: Quentin Eichbaum, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  • Mary White, Wright State University
  • Charles-Antoine Barbeau-Meunier, Sherbrooke University
  • Lawrence Loh, University of Toronto
  • Quentin Eichbaum, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

12:00pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH, Community Room Central Library

Vanderbilt MHS Student Poster Presentations, Community Room Central Library

HHC Business MeetingCentral Library 418A

1:30pm – 3:00pm: Session II

Panel: Confronting the Climate Crisis: What Can the Health Humanities Do?Sarratt 325/327

Chair: Paul R. Solomon, Western Michigan University and Homer D. Stryker MD School of Medicine

  • David Elkin, UCSF Medical Humanities
  • Shruti Patil, University of Texas at Austin

Workshop: Health Humanities in Politics: Writing as A Public Thought LeaderCentral Library 800BB

  • Craig M. Klugman, DePaul University

Panel: Designing Crip Feminist FuturesSarratt 189

Chair: Aimi Hamraie, Vanderbilt University

  • Aimi Hamraie, Vanderbilt University
  • Cassandra Hartblay, University of Toronto
  • Kevin Gotkin, New York University
  • Jarah Moesch, Rensaeller Polytechnic Institute
  • Leah Samples, University of Pennsylvania

Panel: The Health Humanities at Vanderbilt: New Territory for Creative WritersCommunity Room Central Library

Chair: Kate Daniels, Vanderbilt University

  • Chad Abushanab, Vanderbilt University
  • Maria Carlos, Vanderbilt University
  • Tiana Clark, Vanderbilt University
  • Cara Dees, Vanderbilt University

Individual Presentations: The 2020 ElectionSarratt 216/220

Chair: Ken MacLeish, Vanderbilt University

  • Beza Merid, University of Michigan, “Illness Narratives, Health Activism, and the ACA Repeal Debate: STS Perspectives on the Politics of Expertise”
  • Emily Waples, Hiram College, “The Politics of Temperament”
  • Tracy Clark, Purdue University, “The Politics of Dancing: Assessing the Vitality of Nationally-Supported Military/Veterans Arts and Health Programs”
  • Sahar Fakhruddin, Vanderbilt University, National Security, Economization, and the Rhetoric of Refugee and Veteran PTSD

Individual Presentations: Social Activism in ActionCentral Library 612A

Chair: TBD

  • Alison Phinney, University of British Columbia, “Dementia Without Borders: Inclusion, art, and the politics of place”
  • Jonathan C. Chou, Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital, “Developing a Sustainable Community Partnership for Community-Based Narrative Medicine Innovation and Practice in Los Angeles Using a Service Design Approach”
  • LaShyra “Lash” Nolen, Harvard Medical School, “Hip-Hop Advocacy: Liberation and Freedom Through Rap”
  • Bianca C. Frazer, University of Illinois Chicago, “‘Such A Dream-Like and Animal-Like Episode’: Reading Autobiographical Solo Performance about Type 1 Diabetes through a Theater of Cruelty Lens”
  • Sabrina Ali Jamal-Eddine, University of of Illinois at Chicago, “Spoken word poetry: Bridging gaps and transcending barriers”
  • Marina Tsaplina, Duke University & Pennsylvania State University, “The Line of my Body”

Panel: Rewriting the opioid crisis: a call for the humanitiesCentral Library 418A

Chair: Claire Clark, University of Kentucky

  • Daniel Skinner, Ohio University
  • Amy Lorraine Long, Northwest Florida State College

3:00pm – 3:30pm: BREAK

3:30pm – 5:00pm: Session III

Individual Presentations: Interplay between Social Relationships and IllnessSarratt 325/327

Chair: TBD

  • Indigo Weller, Columbia University, “Mapping the Paramedical Surround: Expectancy and Distributed Narrative Competence in Medicine and Family Systems”
  • Kristina Smith, University of Toronto, “Relational Suffering: The Distribution of Anguish and Possibility for Redemption in Health Humanities”
  • Chung-jen Chen, National Taiwan University, “The Politics of Forgetting: Dementia and Re-minding of Memory”
  • Anand Prahlad, University of Missouri, “A Worthwhile Life: The Cancer Crises and Medicalization for Autistic Patients”
  • Laura Wittman, Stanford University Department of French and Italian, “Near-Death Experiences, end-of-life care, and changing understandings of consciousness”

Workshop: Spoken word poetry and politicized space-taking: Confronting ableism and racism through oppositional art in the classroomCentral Library 800BB

Chair: Em Rabelais, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing

  • Sabrina Ali Jamal-Eddine, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing

Individual Presentations: Perspectives on HIV/AIDSSarratt 189

Chair: TBD

  • Stephanie Pokras, The College of Wooster; Purdue University, “Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID) and the Politics of AIDS in the Late Twentieth Century”
  • Courtenay Sprague, University of Massachusetts Boston, “Understanding HIV stigma through Kafka’s Metamorphosis”
  • Lauren Brown, Nashville CARES/Vanderbilt University, “Trauma-informed HIV Care & Parallel Processes”
  • Michael Holtzman, The New School for Social Research, “”A Target on Our Backs”: PrEP Decision-Making at a Center for LGBTQ Youth”

Individual Presentations: Challenging and Reforming PolicySarratt 216/220

Chair: TBD

  • Brooke Dugdale, University of Iowa, “Gun violence: #ThisIsOurLane”
  • Jeremy Levenson, University of California, Los Angeles, “Medicine and Prison Abolition”
  • John Greer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, “Civil Medicine: A Political, Economic, and Ethical Perspective on the Battle over Health Care in America”
  • Shannon Guillot-Wright, Pennsylvania State University, “The Politics of Health Policy: An Ethnographic Study of Policymakers and Researchers”
  • Michael E. Shepherd, Vanderbilt University, “Federalism and Retrospective Accountability: The Case of Medicaid Expansion and the Opioid Epidemic”

Individual Presentations: Discussing Reproductive Health and Rights, Community Room Central Library

Chair: TBD

  • Kathryn Lafferty-Danner, Penn State Scranton, “Abortion Storytelling: Breaking the Stigma with Comics”
  • Chloe Hall, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, “The politics of fetal images: medical imaging and reproductive rights”
  • Lena Sweeney, Yale New Haven Hospital, “Stories from the Edge of Viability”
  • Sara DiCaglio, Texas A&M University, “Reproducing Nothing?: Time and Pregnancy Loss in Graphic Medicine”
  • Sophie Bjork-James, Vanderbilt University, “Waiting: The Contested Meaning of Abortion Waiting Periods”
  • Simone Drake, Ohio State University, “Birthing Politics: Black Women and the Infant Mortality Crisis”

Individual Presentations: Revolutionary Roots, Central Library 612A

Chair: TBD

  • Sarah Berry, State University of New York at Oswego, “#BlackMamasMatter: Narrative, Race, and Maternal Health”
  • Victor Kumar, Earlham College, “The Revolutionary Roots of Acupuncture for Addiction”
  • Kelsey Ensign, Vanderbilt University History Department, “The Right to be Treated: Alcoholism, Law Enforcement, and Public Health in 1960s America”
  • Conor Heffernan, University of Texas at Austin, “Eugen Sandow, the General Medical Council and the Problem of Advertising”

Individual Presentations: Health as a Virtue, Central Library 418A

Chair: TBD

  • Sarah E. Naramore, Sewanee – The University of the South, “Health as a republican Virtue: American Healthcare Debates, 1780-1820”
  • Jeanna L. Kinnebrew, Boston University, “Sex, Poverty, and Health in the Puritan City, 1929-1959”
  • Zoe Adams, Yale School of Medicine, “Academic Medical Centers and the Concept of “Community”: Lessons from the 1960s”
  • Rachel Bracken, Northeast Ohio Medical University, “Literature and the Politics of Public Health: “Life in the Iron Mills” and Nineteenth-Century Health Reform”

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Conference ReceptionRock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

Downtown Nashville – open to all 21+. Transit and drink tickets for conference registrants.


Saturday, March 28, 2020

7:30am – 8:30am: Breakfast and RegistrationSarratt 216/220

8:30am – 10:00am: Saturday Opening Plenary, Furman 114

Promoting Social Justice in Times of Turmoil

10:00am – 10:30am: BREAK

10:30am – 12:00pm: Session IV

Panel: “This Institution Was Never Meant For Me”: Institutional Portraiture and Belonging in MedicineButtrick 206

Chair: Nientara Anderson, Yale School of Medicine

  • Anna Reisman, Yale School of Medicine
  • Elizabeth Fitzsousa, Yale School of Medicine
  • Keyjo Lee, Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, Yale School of Medicine
  • J. Corey Williams, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Individual Presentations: Genetics, Race, and the ClinicButtrick 202

Chair: TBD

  • Kendra Oliver, Vanderbilt University, “Distressed genes: how art is exposing modern society concerns surrounding genetic privacy and identity”
  • Allan Borst, University of Utah, “Stories vs. Statistics: Selling 23andMe’s BRCA1/BRCA2 Genetic Health Risk Reports”
  • Amanda M. Caleb, Misericordia University, “The Rhetoric of Eugenic Biopower: Historicizing Contemporary Policies and Advancements”
  • Archana Bharadwaj, Central Michigan University College of Medicine, “Race in end of life care: When the personal becomes political”

Individual Presentations: Clinical CultureButtrick 201

Chair: TBD

  • Aishat Audu, Indiana University Health – Fairbanks, “Choosing a side: Clinician Perspective-Taking in Ethics Consultation”
  • Aurora Laybourn-Candlish, DePaul University, “The Living Legacy of Institutional Racism and the Death of Clinical Trust: Lessons from Nailah Winkfeild”
  • Abraham Graber, Alistair Welchman, Serife Tekin, University of Texas at San Antonio, “Does literary theory belong in the clinic?”
  • Jerry Rebollar, “WE: The S.N.A.C.C Sessions; Art is Inquiry”

Flash PresentationsButtrick 205

Chair: TBD

  • Sara Catheryn Luallen, University of South Alabama, Investigating Blood Lead Levels in Children
  • Alix Bukkfalvi-Cadotte, Institut National de Recherche Scientifique, Midwifery Practice and Education in Lithuania: An Exploratory Study
  • Haejoo Kim, Syracuse University, Parasites, Egyptians, and Highly-Gifted Crabs: Nineteenth-Century Theories of Degeneration Today
  • Melissa McCune, Emory University, Dancing Across the Divide: A Physically Integrated Dance Company’s Performance of Disability Rights
  • Joana Andoh, Yale University School of Medicine, The Culpability of Disease: Exploring Medical Ethnography in Hippocrates’ On Airs, Waters, and Places and its Modern Implications

Panel: Examining Interpersonal Politics and Health Education Funding through Haslett’s “The Good Doctor”Buttrick 204

Chair: Susan Stagno, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine

  • Eleanor Davidson, Case Western Reserve University

Panel: Wisdom of the Elders: Inter-generational Training for Health SystemsButtrick 212

Chair: Ifeoma Nwankwo, Vanderbilt University

  • James S. Powers, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Destiny Birdsong, Vanderbilt University
  • Kemberlee Bonnet, Vanderbilt University
  • Neena Kapoor, Vanderbilt University
  • Jamaria Southward, Vanderbilt University
  • David G. Schlundt, Vanderbilt University

Panel: Does Monstrosity Mediate Medical Politics, or Is the Monster the Message? Sarratt 189

Chair: Lorenzo Servitje, Lehigh University

  • Les Friedman, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Erik Larsen, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Tess Jones, University of Colorado-Denver

Panel: A Health Humanities Hospital Internship in Tennessee: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice ConsiderationsButtrick 312

Chair: Sarah Berry, State University of New York at Oswego

  • Sarah Berry, State University of New York at Oswego
  • Kendra Hotz, Rhodes College
  • Derek Ettensohn, Sewanee: The University of the South
  • Alyssa Summers, Sewanee: The University of the South
  • Skyler Palmer, Centre College

Panel: Public Health Humanities: Building the FieldButtrick 309

Chair: Rebecca Garden, SUNY Upstate Medical University

  • Rebecca Garden, SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Rachel Fabi, SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Stephanie Larson, Emory University
  • Lise Saffran, University of Missouri MPH Program

Individual Presentations: The Politics of Gendered Bodies, Buttrick 306

Chair: TBD

  • Georgia Haire, University of Kent, “Have you tried relaxing? Vaginismus and the validity of female pain”
  • Nealie Ngo, Yale University & University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, “The Body Issue: What Global and Historical Perspectives of the Ideal Female Body Can Teach Us About Our Own Present-day Bodies”
  • Lauren Brown, Nashville CARES/Vanderbilt University, and Sara Lederach, Vanderbilt University, “Artistic Narrative to Bolster Empathy for Menstrual Experience”
  • Siobhan Conaty, La Salle University Philadelphia, “Breast Cancer, Art History, & Body Politics”
  • Kelly Jo Fulkerson Dikuua, Denison University, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”: Exhaustion, Fatigue and Burn-Out in Black Women’s Medical Narratives and Literature”
  • Shaunessé Jacobs, Boston University, “Uncovering representations of health in womanist literature to understand the complexity of health and illness of marginalized communities in the greater American context”
  • Jacqueline Genovese and Cassidi Goll, Stanford School of Medicine Inclusive Health Education: Promoting Breast Health Awareness Among Black Women

Individual Presentations: Health and IndividualismSarratt 216/220

Chair: TBD

  • Mary White, Boonshoft School of Medicine & Wright State University, “Suffering: What this is and why we neglect it in public life”
  • Jane Macnaughton, Institute of Medical Humanities, Durham University, “The invisibility of breath: body, society, politics”
  • Sarah Atkinson, Institute of Medical Humanities/Geography, “Toxic Wellbeing: the agency of a dominant concept”
  • Andrea Charise, University of Toronto Scarborough, “A worm doubles up”: Health, Humility, and Other Ugly Feelings”
  • Jennifer Hu, Cambridge Health Alliance, What’s in a Word? Word Choice and Perpetuation of Narratives in the Electronic Medical Record

Individual Presentations: Evolution of the Medical/Health HumanitiesSarratt 325/327

Chair: TBD

  • Glen W. Davidson, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, “Finding Focus For The Humanities In Medicine: A History and Its Politics”
  • Bonnie Hawkins, Yale School of Medicine, “A Pre-History of Cultural Competency: How Physicians Came to Think of Health Disparities Using a “Culture” Framework”
  • Carol-Ann Farkas, MCPHS University – Boston School of Arts and Sciences, Center for Health Humanities, “See One, Teach One, Do One: The Health Humanist as Political Activist”
  • Heather McKee Hurwitz, Case Western Reserve University, “Developing Medical School Hopefuls’ Sociological Imaginations: Bridging Sociology and the Health Humanities”
  • Edward V. Wallace, University of Cincinnati, Lessons learned from early legislation and how those lessons can help guide future students of the Health Humanities

Documentary: “Keepers of the House”: A Unique Documentary Film about the Ways in which Hospital Housekeepers Participate in Healing, Buttrick 302

Chair: Neil Prose, Duke University School of Medicine

Panel: Showcasing Art/Humanities Initiatives at Medical Schools, Buttrick 305

Chair: TBD

  • Kajsa Vlasic, Lillian Boettcher, Serena Fang, Susan Sample, Gretchen Case, University of Utah School of Medicine, “Medical Student Initiative Transforms Literary Journal into Medical Humanities “Hub” and Bridges Political Divides”
  • Daniel Becker, Ben Martin, Drew Harris, Brian Uthlaut, Mohan Nadkarni, University of Virginia School of Medicine, “Community partnered internal medicine residency training at the University of Virginia: bringing young doctors to the people”
  • Penelope Lusk (New York University School of Medicine/Columbia University), Anais Leroy (Bowdoin College), Lisa Altshuler (NYU Medical School-Langone Health), Verna Monson (Monson Consulting), Adina Kalet (Medical College Wisconsin), “Politics, Values, Sense of Self: Conceptualizing Professional Identity Formation through Reflective Writing”
  • Adam B. Eickmeyer, University of Michigan, “Public Health on Stage: Using the Performing Arts to Humanize Epidemiological Concepts”
  • Sina Rezaei (Henry Ford Hospital), Bhavika Kaul (University of California San Francisco), Kelly Magill (Museum of Fine Arts Houston); Stacy Rose, MD (Baylor College of Medicine); Andrew Childress (Baylor College of Medicine), “Using Visual Arts Education to Increase Empathy in Medical Students”

Individual Presentations: Rural Health, Buttrick 301

Chair: Steve Reid, University of Cape Town

  • Kat Tan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Story Circles: Renarrating Community History in Coal-Mining Regions of Central Appalachia”
  • Mary Beth Babos, Lincoln Memorial University, “Heritage, Heresy, and Hope: Herbs and Health in Appalachia”
  • Alyssa Botelho, Harvard University, “The Rural Hospital as a Site of Indigenous Sovereignty: The Menominee Nation Fights for Their Hospital, 1954-1975”
  • Caroline Efird, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “I wish it was back like it was”: Using Appalachian oral histories to reveal how white identity politics shape perceptions of federal healthcare programs

Individual Presentations: Perspectives on Health through Literature and MediaButtrick 304

Chair: TBD

  • Julie Aultman, Northeast Ohio Medical University, “Black Lives, White Privilege on the Silver Screen: Addressing Racial Character Tropes through Representations of Guns and Violence in Films”
  • Srijani Nag, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, “Medical Surveillance and Docility in Jerry Pinto’s Em and The Big Hoom”
  • Emily Long, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Madness and Motherhood: Gendered Mental Illness and Rage in The Babadook
  • Dorottya B. Kacsoh, Emory University, The Politics of Caregiving: An Examination of Caregiving in The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and its Underrepresentation in Mainstream Media

12:00pm – 1:30pm: LUNCH/HHC Subcommittee MeetingsSarratt 216/220

HHC Subcommittee 1, Buttrick 201

HHC Subcommittee 2, Buttrick 202

HHC Subcommittee 3, Buttrick 204

HHC Subcommittee 4, Buttrick 205

1:30pm – 3:00pm: Session V

Workshop: Building A Health Humanities Academic Program, Buttrick 201

Chair: Craig M. Klugman, DePaul University

  • Sarah Berry, SUNY Oswego
  • Courtney Campbell, Oregon State University
  • Craig Klugman, DePaul University
  • Erin Gentry Lamb, Hiram College
  • Audrey Shafer, Stanford University

 Individual Presentations: The Politics of Technology, Buttrick 202

Chair: Danielle Picard, Vanderbilt University

  • Kirsten Ostherr, Rice University, “The Human Contexts of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”
  • Ethan Gibbons, Vanderbilt University, “The Mediated Gene: Depictions of Genetics in Film and TV”
  • Ryan Weber, Misericordia University, “Conflicting Narratives, Competing Spaces: Music Criticism and the “Health” of the Nation”
  • Danielle Spencer, Columbia University, “Metafiction and Metagnosis”
  • Sarah Gorman, Vanderbilt University, “The Politics of “Mental Health”: Normality and the Dangers of Digital Drugs”

Individual Presentations: Modern Medical Education, Buttrick 305

Chair: TBD

  • Angeline Larimer, “Medical Student as Playwright: Dramatizing Imelda”
  • Yu Fei Xia, Adhora Mir, Veronica Stewart, Hartley Jafine, McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, “Creating a Platform for Medical Arts and Health Humanities in an Undergraduate Medical Program”
  • Adam Eickmeyer, “Using Interdisciplinary Curriculum to Teach Politicized Content in a Residential Pre-Health Learning Community”
  • Lise Saffran, University of Missouri, “Wind, running water, voices: Creative Writing Prompts in the Health Humanities classroom”
  • Lisa Diedrich, Stony Brook University, “Keywords and Keyimages in Graphic Medicine: Form, Pedagogy, Politics”

Panel: Placing U.S. declining health status on the Presidential Debate AgendaSarratt 189

Chair: Stephen Bezruchka, University of Washington, School of Public Health

  • Arline Geronimus, University of Michigan
  • Peter Muennig, Columbia University
  • Jennifer Karas Montez, Syracuse University
  • Vankat Narayan, Emory University
  • Steven Woolf, Virginia Commonwealth University

Panel: The Health Humanities Portrait: Using Critical Portraiture to Comprehend the Human and Social Dimensions of Patient’s LivesButtrick 204

Chair: Michael Blackie, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine

  • Sandy Sufian, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine
  • Joanna Michel, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine
  • Rebecca Garden, Syracuse University

Flash PresentationsButtrick 205

Chair: TBD

  • Rabab Husain, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, IMAMIA Medics International: Understanding the Shi’a Influence on Medical Aid Efforts Beneath the Domes of Karbala
  • Julia Knopes, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Making Space for Ignorance in Dialogues on Biomedical Practice
  • Jenni Lee, UCSF, Set and Setting: What Psychedelic Representation in Midsommar Informs about Situating Therapeutic Potential within Existing Social and Political Structures
  • Eva Durchholz, Vanderbilt University, The Uninsured and Underinsured in the United States and Tennessee: An Analysis of Healthcare Policy and Its Effects

Panel: Arts and Humanities Initiatives and Programs: Addressing Race and BiasSarratt 216/220

Chair: TBD

  • Samantha Barrick, Elisabeth DiCarmine, Jerry Rebollar, Shubhi Singh, CUNY School of Medicine, “Radical Community and Student Leadership in the Arts at the CUNY School of Medicine”
  • Elizabeth Stein, Lee McKoin, Andy Wen, Alyna Khan, Janelle Clauser, University of Washington, “Early Intervention: Teaching Race as a Social Construct to Incoming Medical Students through a Summer Reading Program”
  • Anna Reisman, Zoe Adams, Nientara Anderson, Joana Andoh, Sydney Green, Yale School of Medicine, “Making the Invisible Visible: Exploring Bias Through Art Observation”

Panel: The Role of Humanities and Creative and Performing Arts in Medical Education: More Than a DiversionButtrick 301

Chair: Cate Dicharry, UI Carver College of Medicine

  • Cate Dicharry, UI Carver College of Medicine
  • Robin Paetzold, UI Carver College of Medicine
  • Carol Scott-Conner, UI Carver College of Medicine
  • Brittany Bettendorf, UI Carver College of Medicine

Individual Presentations: Disability and Policy, Buttrick 206

Chair: TBD

  • Simon van der Weele, University of Humanistic Studies, “That’s not very self-reliant, is it?” Tracing the politics of self-reliance in Dutch group homes for people with intellectual disabilities”
  • Timothy Y. Loh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Healthy hearing: exploring the politics of hearing technologies for deaf children in Jordan”
  • Regina Kaufman, Springfield College, “Unintended Consequences of Walking-Focused Rehabilitation: More Questions than Answers”
  • Cynthia Standley, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix, Right-To-Try Law Tantalizes ALS Patients With a Cruel Illusion
  • Jennifer Hu, Cambridge Health Alliance, What’s in a Word? Word Choice and Perpetuation of Narratives in the Electronic Medical Record

Individual Presentations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on AddictionSarratt 325/327

Chair: Kate Daniels, Vanderbilt University

  • Tianyi Zhang and Leah Goodman, University of California, San Francisco, “Beyond Medicalization: Literary and Cinematic Representations of Addiction from Aronofsky to Wallace”
  • Jesse Proudfoot, Durham University, Institute for Medical Humanities, “Life on life’s terms: The politics and poetics of recovery discourse in addictions treatment for marginalized people”
  • Megan Thompson, Lincoln-Memorial University-DeBusk, “When the Sum is More than its Parts: an Exploration of Academic Truth and Humanistic Truth in Addiction”
  • Amira Nafiseh, Indiana University School of Medicine, “Qualitative Analysis of Syringe Services Program: Using Stories to Foster Changes in Public Health Crisis”

Individual Presentations: Colonial Medicine, Buttrick 212

Chair: TBD

  • Ana Ugarte, University of Scranton, “Literary and Visual Representations of Disease, Health, and Colonialism in Puerto Rico”
  • Katherine Shwetz, University of Toronto, “Colonialism and Political Division in Two Versions of “The Plague””
  • Brenda K. Wilson, University of Texas Medical Branch, ““If We Fall Sick, Then We Can Just Die”: The Politics of Health from the Perspectives of Ethnic-Haitian Women on Dominican Republic Sugar Plantations”
  • Carey DeMichelis, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, “Intimate Empire and the Best Interests of the Child”
  • Madalina Meirosu, Swarthmore College, “Organ Transplantation as Metaphor: Global Economies, Neocolonial tensions, and Transplant Markets”
  • Elizabeth S. Rose, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, Research Colonialism: Changing Practices in Complex Systems

Individual Presentations: Literature and Adaptive ActivismButtrick 304

Chair: TBD

  • Phillip Barrish, University of Texas, “Masculinity, Control, and Drug Trials from Arrowsmith to AIDS”
  • Ann M. Fox, Davidson College, “Drama as Adaptive Activism: Reframing the Relational Experiences of Disability and Care in Amy Herzog’s Mary Jane”
  • Sarah Hagaman, Vanderbilt University, “Madwomen in the Asylum: Maternity and Madness in Pinochet’s Chile”
  • Victoria Lupascu, Pennsylvania State University, “Beijing Coma” and “The Red Prescription”: Illness Narratives of Addiction and Immobile Bodies”

Individual Presentations: Urban HealthButtrick 302

Chair: TBD

  • Rasmus H. Birk, King’s College London, “Does urban life cause ill mental health? On the psychiatric production of knowledge and the politics of mental health”
  • Olivia Banner, The University of Texas at Dallas, “Black Media, Community Control of Mental Health, and Infrastructures of Care: From the “Urban Ghetto” to Hudson Yards”
  • Emmanuel Henry, Princeton University, “Occupational and environmental health: a matter for experts? Increasing use of scientific expertise and depoliticization of public health issues”
  • Jonathan Comyn de Rothewelle, Harry S Truman College, “Orthonyms Oralis: A Morphological Study of Onomastics and Oral Care”
  • Amy Zanoni, Rutgers University, “Talking only about eliminating a brick and mortar structure:” The Public Hospital and the American Welfare State”

3:00pm – 3:30pm: BREAK

3:30pm – 5:00pm: Session VI

Individual Presentations: Immigration/MigrationSarratt 216/220

Chair: Avery Dickins De Giron, Vanderbilt University

  • Patrick R. Ireland, Illinois Institute of Technology, “Alien Virus? Comparative Policy Responses to Migrants Living with HIV/AIDS”
  • Nilufer Akalin, The State University of New York at Binghamton, “Moving Around to Chase the Impossible Health: Haitian Immigrants in the U.S.”
  • Renee Despres, “From Literature to Health Policy in the U.S. – Mexico Border”
  • Amanda E. Gray, The University of Texas at Austin; Earlham College, “The Politics of Care in a Moment of Crisis: Latina Immigrant Narratives from the Frontlines of Home Healthcare”

Individual Presentations: Addressing Bias and Stigma in HealthcareSarratt 325/327      

Chair: TBD

  • Kate Gaines, Columbia University Narrative Medicine, “Opacity as Resistance: Mobilizing Opacity as a Response to the Demand for Transparency”
  • Anna-leila Williams, Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipac University, “Revealing (Un)conscious Bias: Using Health Humanities to Promote Self-awareness and Mitigate Health Inequities”
  • Tabea Cornel, New College of Florida Division of Humanities, “The Politics of Handedness: How Innocuous Classifications Can Disguise Bias and Normalize Discrimination”
  • Courtney Campbell, Oregon State University, “From Tale to Testaments: The Politics of Story-Telling”
  • Shruti Anant, Vanderbilt University, “Labeling Health”

Individual Presentations: Topics in Global Public HealthSarratt 189

Chair: TBD

  • Steve Reid, University of Cape Town, “‘Medicine’ for the Social Determinants of Health in South Africa: metaphors for a different system”
  • Amy McKiernan, Dickinson College, “The Dream and A Cure: Reflections on the Myth of Control in the United States”
  • Barnabé Anzuruni Msabah, University of Stellenbosch, ““When are you going home?”: Refugee migrants and the challenge of access to healthcare in South Africa”
  • Suman S. Shanker, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, “Violence Against Women as a Public Health Issue: Barriers and Gaps in Victim Assistance Program”

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