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MHS Professor Lauren Gaydosh awarded NIH grant

Posted by on Friday, October 5, 2018 in Home, Research.


The National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant entitled “Health Disparities: Inflammatory Response, Immune Function, and Environment (In)Congruence” to the MHS and Public Policy Studies Assistant Professor Lauren Gaydosh, and Vanderbilt alumus and UNC-CH Carolina Population Center Faculty Fellow Taylor Hargrove. This funding will allow researchers to examine the biological and social mechanisms underlying the relationship between socioeconomic mobility and poorer physiological health outcomes.

The research funded by this grant will build on work documenting the unequal health benefits of upward mobility among racial minorities in the United States. Specifically, this grant will produce a novel database relevant for investigating the biosocial pathways underlying health, as well as support research evaluating the role of inflammatory response, immune function, and environmental incongruence in the relationship between upward mobility and physiological functioning among a nationally representative sample of young adults. The information resulting from this study will advance understandings of the complex and intergenerational patterns of health inequality, and create opportunities for researchers to conduct innovative, multilevel studies of health and well-being.

Gaydosh is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society and Public Policy Studies at Vanderbilt University. Hargrove is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at UNC.

Lauren Gaydosh

Lauren Gaydosh

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, and Society
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