MHS Professor Tara McKay Presents on International LGBT Issues.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Vanderbilt Presents:

Wednesday, December 6, 4-5:30: International LGBT Issues with Dr. Tara McKay.
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In this conversation, we will take a look outside of the U.S. to consider the situation of LGBT folks. We are pleased to host Dr. Tara McKay, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health and Society, who will speak to us about her work on why African countries are pursuing expanded criminal penalties for same-sex sex and LGBT organizing. Lately, she has been utilizing this work outside of research and teaching to provide expert testimony on LGBT asylum cases for gay Africans in US detention centers. We are so excited to have her!

Please feel free to contact the Assistant Director of the WGS Program, Dr. Karen Allison Hammer, if you have any questions:

Tara McKay

Tara McKay

Assistant Professor, Medicine, Health, and Society

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