Oct 20: Dana-Ain Davis “Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery in the Afterlife of Slavery

Friday, October 20th, 12:10 pm, Garland Hall 101

“Black women have the highest rates of premature birth in the United States. This disparity has been has been the case since the 1800s. What has been the content of this persistent disparity? This talk is based on my manuscript Pregnancy, Prematurity and Race in the Afterlife of Slavery. It considers the experiences of premature birth from the perspective of black women and harnesses those experiences to the historically constituted ways in which racism has intruded upon Black women’s reproduction. Using the framework of the afterlife of slavery, I discuss one case study that exemplifies some Black women’s encounters with medical personnel. Those encounters, I argue are a reflection of the ways Black women were treated during the antebellum period in the U.S.”

Dana-Ain Davis is an Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Center for the Study of Women and Society, and the Director of the M.A. Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at CUNY. Her most recent book is Feminist Ethnography: Thinking Through Methodologies, Challenges, and Possibilities.

Cosponsored by Anthropology and the Center for Medicine, Health, & Society.

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