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MHS Professors Dominique Behague, Jonathan Metzl, and Ken MacLeish awarded a University Central Research Scholars Grant

Posted by on Monday, December 29, 2014 in Home, Research.

MHS Professors Béhague, Metzl and MacLeish are awarded a $16,620 University Central Research Scholars Grant for a two year Seminar Series entitled “Globalization, psychiatry and the politics of global mental health.” The series, featuring Vanderbilt Faculty and invited speakers from other universities in the humanities, social sciences, psychiatry and global health, will enhance cross-disciplinary debate and inter-epistemological fertilization in current debates on the globalization of psychiatry and in the emerging field of global mental health. Our ultimate aim is to contribute positively global mental health while also furthering critical and nuanced understandings of the political sensibilities at stake in the globalization of health expertise.