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MHS Professors Dominique Behague (PI) and Jonathan Metzl (co-PI) Awarded Vanderbilt International Office (VIO) Grant for “Contested Global Biopsychiatry”

Posted by on Monday, January 13, 2014 in Home, Research.

MHS Professors Dominique Behague (PI) and Jonathan Metzl (co-PI) are awarded a Vanderbilt International Office (VIO) Grant for their project, ” Contested Global Biopsychiatry: Establishing an International Partnership For Critical and Constructive Global Mental Health.” The Project establishes a partnership for the advancement of empirically nuanced multidisciplinary exchange about global mental health (GMH), a highly successful but also contested multi-agency public health initiative established in the mid-2000s. The grant brings together eminent scholars from the humanities, the social sciences, medicine, psychiatry and public health based at Vanderbilt University and at three partner universities, King’s College London, the State University of Rio de Janeiro and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, to address and intervene into a series of polarizing debates currently besetting GMH. The proposed partnership is comprised of prominent players that represent the full range of positions in the debates currently inflecting GMH. Co-principal investigators on the project include Professors Edward Fischer and Katharine Donato from Vanderbilt University, and Ilina Singh (King’s College London), Fransciso Ortega (State University of Rio de Janeiro) and Alex Cohen (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). Funds will be used to run a scholarly policy-relevant workshop, develop proposals for future research, and host three high profile campus-wide lectures featuring Professor Nikolas Rose from the UK, Professor Jurandir Costa from Brazil, and Professor Junko Kitanaka from Keio University in Japan.