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MHS Professor Derek Griffith guest edits the American Journal of Men’s Health, The Health of African American Men: Implications for Research and Practice

Posted by on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 in Home, News.

Dr. Derek Griffith, associate professor, Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health, and Society and director, MHS Institute for Research on Men’s Health, guest edits a supplement to the leading men’s health journal in the US on African American men’s health, along with his colleague, Dr. Leonard Jack,  director, Division of Community Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Consisting of seven peer-reviewed articles, the guest editors and authors of this supplemental issue of the American Journal of Men’s Health sought to expand the discourse in the field of African American men’s health beyond narrowly focusing on characteristics of the individual. Thus, this supplement aims to examine how context (social and physical environment), politics, access to health care, and more collectively influence the quality and length of life among African American men. Contributing authors identify multiple pathways that explain the conditions that influence health, and offer solutions to addressing and eliminating health disparities between racial and ethnic groups of men and among African American men.  The supplement was funded in part by the Vanderbilt University Institute for Research on Men’s Health, which was founded last year.

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