MHS is an innovative multidisciplinary center that studies the social and societal dimensions of health and illness. Our scholarship, teaching, and wide-ranging collaborative projects explore medicine and science in a wide array of cultural contexts, while at the same time fostering productive dialogue across disciplinary boundaries.

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Community Town Hall with Jonathan M. Metzl


October 29, 2019
Nashville Public Library

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The Politics of Health:


2020 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference


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Dying of Whiteness


by Jonathan M. Metzl

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Oct. 29: Faith, Spirituality, and Activism in Men’s Health with Profs. Derek Griffith, Jonathan Metzl, Marino Bruce, Keith Meador, and Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Oct. 29: Dying of Whiteness, Community Town Hall with Prof. Jonathan Metzl and Nashville Public Radio journalist, Meribah Knight

Nov. 5: “Defining ‘healthy relationships’: the politics of sexual violence and consent in contemporary America” with Postdoctoral Visiting Scholar, Stephanie Pache

Nov. 7: Public Screening of Through the Repellent Fence with Prof. Ken MacLeish

Dec. 3: “Churn: Work and Ex-Military Life” Colloquium with Prof. MacLeish

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