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VIIBRE MFC - Policies

User Policies

  1. All users must be officially trained to use VIIBRE Microfabrication Core facilities and instrumentation. To schedule training please contact the core manager.
  2. You will receive card access and can book time for cleanroom use, microscopes, and other instrumentation through the VUMC C.O.R.E.S. system once you have completed training.
  3. Please make sure to ADHERE TO ALL SAFETY PROTOCOLS AT ALL TIMES! If you are unsure about something, ask somebody. Safety guidelines can be reviewed here .
  4. Clean up after yourself! This includes emptying trash receptacles inside the cleanrooms - don't let trash or chemical waste reservoirs overflow. If you are unsure what to do, ask somebody! Hazardous waste disposal guidelines can be reviewed here .


Publications - Acknowledgements & Authorship                                  

Please review the VIIBRE Authorship Guidelines to determine whether facility personnel should be included in your manuscript in form of an acknowledgement or co-author!

Please acknowledge the VIIBRE Microfabrication Core at Vanderbilt University in any presentations or publications that result from products or services received from our Core. This allows us to demonstrate our involvement in research conducted by Vanderbilt investigators and aids the procurement of future equipment.              

The minimum acceptable acknowledgement should read:              

“This work was supported in part using the resources of the VIIBRE Microfabrication Core at Vanderbilt University.”             

For our records, we would also like to be notified of manuscripts submitted and/or published that acknowledge the facility or facility personnel.