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VIIBRE MFC - Photolithography Laboratory

VIIBRE's Photolithography Laboratory is used primarily for the patterning of photoresists as part of the production of microfluidic masters, photomasks, electrodes, and other photo-patterned apparatus. It includes the following equipment:

  • Class 100 Cleanroom, climate controlled
  • Karl Suss MJB 3 Mask Aligner
  • Mitutoyo Ultraplan FS1100 Upright Microscope
  • Laurell Technologies WS-400B-6NPP/LITE Benchtop Spin Coater
  • Laurell Technologies WS-400B-6NPP/LITE/IND Surface-mount Spin Coater (2)
  • Exfo Novacure 2100 UV Spot Curing System (2)
  • Tencor Alpha-Step Profilometer
  • Barnstead International Dataplate721A Programmable Hotplate (2)


Photolithography Laboratory