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Research Associates and Staff

Thomas Scherr, Ph.D., Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Laboratories for Innovations in Global Health
Dr. Scherr’s research is focused on point-of-care diagnostic platforms. His current work focuses on improving clinical sample processing, developing more sensitive diagnostic tools, and creating mHealth solutions to assist with infectious disease surveillance.


Nicholas M. Adams, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
The overarching goal of Dr. Adams' work is to create user-focused diagnostic tools for infectious diseases by addressing the bottlenecks that prevent these tools from getting into the hands of the people that need them the most. His current focus is on addressing the need for robust, reliable, and on-demand diagnostic assays that are suitable for point-of-care settings.


Joseph Conrad, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Conrad’s research is focused on development and deployment of low resource technologies to diagnose HIV infection. He is interested in using data from large, observational cohorts to evaluate performance parameters, make placement decisions, and estimate the impact of point of care diagnostics on health outcomes. Dr. Conrad is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Zambia, 2000-2002).


Danielle Kimmel, PH.D., Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Kimmel’s research interest include understanding of disease onset and progression in order to develop rapid and sensitive assays for earlier therapeutic intervention. Currently, her work is geared toward the enhancement of malarial diagnostics.


Shellie Richards, M.A., Program Manager
Shellie Richards, M.A. has 22 years of research administration experience including 5 years as the Administrative Director of Vanderbilt University’s patent office. She is responsible for coordinating pilot projects, grant submission and budgets, and the Laboratories' fellows, as well as editing science manuscripts, grants and research texts.