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How to Ask About Gender

Asking about gender on a form, survey or project for non-medical purposes
First, ask yourself why you are asking for gender in a survey at all. If you are taking various forms of demographic data to see who does or doesn’t utilize services, we certainly encourage you to include a question about gender identity. However, if you do not need to utilize this information for any particular purpose, consider not asking. Otherwise, here is the suggested way to ask for gender:

Suggested wording:

Gender Identity: ____________________________

or, when such an open-ended question is not possible:

Gender identity (select all that apply):
__ agender
__ genderqueer/gender fluid/non-binary
__ man
__ questioning or unsure
__ trans man
__ trans woman
__ woman
__ prefer not to disclose
__ additional gender category/identity not listed

If you have questions about asking for gender on surveys or projects please contact