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The purpose of Engage is to provide resources to develop globally-minded student leaders in the LGBTQI community. Engage 2017 is a spring break trip focused on learning about grassroots social and economic justice work, particularly those targeting LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. This year’s trip will be visiting Atlanta, GA. Applications are due Monday, November 14 and interviews with the trip coordinators will occur the following week. Membership decisions will be finalized and released by the end of Thanksgiving break.

Apply by visiting our form on Anchorlink.

Engage Spring Break Trips

The Engage trip was created to maximize students™ experience with engagement of national LGBTQI+ organizations. This year over Vanderbilt’s Spring Break March 6th-10th LGBTQI Life will offer an Engage trip to Atlanta, Georgia. This trip will allow students to personally connect to national LGBTQI organizations through site visits and hands-on service with these organizations. Students will engage with organizations as well as visit culturally and historically relevant sites to the LGBTQI community.  Applications are now open and are due Monday, November 14. If you have any questions please contact graduate student worker Damien Domenack (he/him) at

Community: Volunteer Opportunities

The first program under Engage is Community. Community will help match students with either local LGBTQI organizations or Vanderbilt initiatives that are in need of volunteers. LGBTQI Life Staff assist students build an action plan to decide the level of engagement they can commit to this opportunity for one semester.

To submit a volunteer opportunity to the Community list, please contact Program Coordinator Liv Parks (they/them) at

To view current opportunities offered through local LGBTQI organizations, click here!

Queue: National LGBTQI Internships

LGBTQI Life’™s Engage Queue is a list of internships at many LGBTQI national organizations. Our goal is to assist students in connecting with these opportunities, and this list is updated regularly with the goal of capturing as many internships as possible to promote our student’s involvement.

To submit an internship opportunity to the Queue, please contact Program Coordinator Liv Parks (they/them) at

To view current opportunities offered through national LGBTQI organizations, please visit the Queue.