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2023 OUT in Front Conference

2023 OUT in Front Conference: Roots of Resilience: Community Care in the Queer South

RSVP to attend in-person or virtually here by February 22. RSVP by February 10, 2023 to confirm food accommodations and tee shirt size.

Theme: Roots of Resilience: Community Care in the Queer South

February 23, 2023

SLC Ballroom and BoT Rooms, Vanderbilt University

Nashville, Tennessee

OUT in Front LGBTQI and Ally Student Leadership Conference is a conference wherein student leaders, graduate students, staff, and faculty have the chance to meet and network with peers from across the United States to share resources, develop leadership skills, and foster a strong community of LGBTQ2S+ and allied leaders. The mission of OUT in Front is to engage students, faculty, and staff from across the region in issues relevant to the LGBTQ2S+ community and society at large through an all-day conference event with a guest keynote speaker. This year’s esteemed keynote speaker will be TAYLOR ALXNDR.

TAYLOR ALXNDR (they/she) is an Atlanta-based musician, drag performer, multi-media artist, and community organizer.

ALXNDR is the co-founder and current executive director of Southern Pride Queer Pride (SFQP), a queer + trans, arts + advocacy organization centering Southern queer communities. They are also the mother of the House of ALXNDR, an Atlanta-based drag family and events hub, creating drag-centered, inclusive events.

As a musician, ALXNDR released their debut EP, NOISE, in 2017, followed by HOLOGRAM, in November of 2018. It was listed as one of the top 10 albums from Atlanta artists. They just released their new EP 1993 on March 11th 2022.

TAYLOR’s work has been featured in Vice, Forbes, Out Magazine, Vogue, them., and more. Bandcamp called them an “underground drag icon”. They were voted as Atlanta’s Best Drag Queen & Best LGBTQ Performer in 2019.

Call For Proposals

RSVP to attend for free in-person or virtually here by February 22. RSVP by February 10, 2023 to confirm food accommodations and tee shirt size.

Submit your proposal here no later than Tuesday, January 23rd, 2023.

Vanderbilt’s Office of LGBTQI Life invites you to submit proposals for the 2023 OUT in Front Conference toward the theme of Roots of Resilience: Community Care in the Queer South. We imagine “roots” as not only paying homage to the vibrant and life-giving ways our queer elders have passed on forms of resilience, but also “roots” in a way that connotes implanting ourselves and our networks firmly in place and space, and particularly in our wonderful, unique, and troubled region of the South. As part of celebrating and sustaining our communities and networks, together, we will also explore what it means to care for our communities.  Drawing from our perspectives as emerging scholars, researchers, activists, organizers, and allies, we’ll examine what community care might look like in all its queer, radical, collaborative, resilient, vulnerable, and intersectional forms. We invite academics, activists, and artists living in the South, any Southerners in diaspora currently residing in other regions, and those researching or organizing around issues pertaining to the South.

We welcome proposals of all multidisciplinary and multigenre forms that relate to this year’s theme. Some questions that might serve as provocations but not end-all-be-alls:

  • What queer method/ologies of resilience are unique to the South and/or communal care?
  • How might conceptual understandings of Southern hospitality become inclusive of the experiences, rights, and nourishment of LGBTQIA+ communities?
  • How might the queer South re/define community care for the unique contexts and conditions of the South?
  • What lessons are there to be learned from the queer South that can be used to create communities of care in LGBTQIA+ spaces throughout the nation?
  • What methods of queer resilience have we inherited from our queer elders and applied to current challenges?
  • How might positionality affect approaches to communal care in meaningful ways?
  • How can we draw on joy in service of survivance to thrive, grow, learn, and revive our collective spirits toward continuous world-building?

Please submit a 250-word proposal here for your poster, paper presentation, creative piece, and/or facilitation workshop.

  • Deadline for feedback on your proposal (optional): January 4, 2023
  • Deadline for proposal submission: Tuesday, January 23, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: Monday, February 6th, 2023

If you need any accommodations or have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact at us

More Information

RSVP to attend in-person or virtually here by February 22. As always, OiF is free to attend. RSVP by February 10, 2023 to confirm food accommodations and tee shirt size.

Check back soon for more details, including the Conference Registration, Safety Protocols, and Community Guidelines, soon.

For more information, contact

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