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Magnolia Awards

Magnolia Awards

About the Magnolia Awards

The Magnolia Awards recognize the innovative and exceptional efforts of both students and student organizations at Vanderbilt University. Award recipients have demonstrated strong leadership capabilities through engagement in academics, service, health, diversity, arts, faith, and more. Through challenging the current status quo, encouraging collaboration, participating in public service, and creating opportunities for social change, these students deserve recognition and celebration.

The individual awards honor students who have demonstrated leadership and community service in areas ranging from academic achievement to community service efforts. The individual award winners will be notified prior to the Magnolia Awards ceremony. All award recipients will be announced through the Magnolia Awards ceremony program.

For the first time in 2016, the Magnolia Awards highlighted the work of student organizations on campus. We will continue to recognize these groups at Vanderbilt for the following: Most Meaningful Service, Best Intercultural Awareness Program, Best Collaborative Program, Best Arts Program, Best Interfaith Program, Best Health & Wellness Program, and Best Diversity & Inclusion Program. These award winners will also be announced during the award ceremony.


Magnolia Awards Ceremony

Every spring, an award ceremony is held to celebrate Magnolia Award recipients and their work on behalf of the campus community. Currently this event is open to all Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff members.  Whether you are an award recipient, a student organization member showing support, or just a spectator, we invite you to be a part of this memorable experience. The 2017 Magnolia Awards ceremony date, time, and location has yet to be determined.



All Vanderbilt students and organizations who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply for one or more of the awards available.


Live The Vanderbilt Experience

We want our students to have wonderful experiences that will leave a lifetime of great memories.  We would also like to recognize them for finishing what they started.  Students who complete My Vanderbilt Experience will also get recognized at the Magnolia Awards Ceremony.

Visit  My Vanderbilt Experience to learn more about getting involved and recognized on campus.


How To Apply For An Award

Students can apply for an award through Anchor Link.  To access and complete the award application, click on the name of the award on the awards page and login with your username and password once you are led to Anchor Link.  Please note that applications may require lengthy responses and attachable documents.  Please contact the appropriate award coordinator if you have any questions.






2016 Magnolia Award Recipients

Group Awards:

Best Arts Program- VandyHacks

Best Collaborative Program- “Made in Africa,” hosted by the African Student Union and the Black Student Association

Best Diversity and Inclusion Program- “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,” hosted by the Asian American Student Association

Best Health and Wellness Program- “Your Mind Matters: Why You Should Care About Mental Health,” hosted by Active Minds at Vanderbilt

Best Intercultural Awareness Program- “Harambee: Straight Outta Africa,” hosted by the African Student Union

Best Interfaith Program- “Islamaphobia in the West,” hosted by the Muslim Students Association and Wesley Fellowship

Most Meaningful Service- Next Steps at Vanderbilt Ambassadores


Individual Awards:

Accolade: Chancellor’s Diversity Awards- Saif Hamdan and Jason Thome
The Casey Carter Bonar Award- Anna Zhao
The Glenn & Elizabeth Bogitsh Award- Jay M. Schuffenhauer
The Imani Award- Sierra Davis
The Nora C. Chaffin Scholarship- Ariana Fowler
Reverend Beverly A. Asbury Award for Interfaith Dialogue- Sarah Naids
Ripple in the Pond Award- Deepa Rajan
The Robert Peter Pratt Memorial Award- Sam Hoskins
The Susan Jung Award- Lauren Pak
The Thomas M. Weser Award- Alejandro Arango
The William Aaron Pathfinder Award- Allison Quintanilla and Anna Zhao
The Lori Groves-White Award for Advocacy and Courage- Guy Russo
Rob Roy Purdy Award- Laurel Hattix

The McGill Awards:

John T. & Lizzie Allen McGill First Year Award- Aneesha Dasari and Priya Trivedi
John T. McGill Award- Michael Zoorob
John T. and Lizzie Allen Upper-class McGill Award- Xuning (CiCi) Zhang and Trey Dodson

The Walther Awards for VUcept Excellence (WAVE):

The WAVE Diversity Award- Trey Dodson
The WAVE Student Success Award- Kevin Fialkowski
The WAVE Creativity Awareness Award- Jacqueline Scott and Jude Cohen
The WAVE Faculty Engagement Award- Tsian Beddoe
The WAVE Lifer VUceptor Award- Pranjal Gupta and Allanah Jackson
WAVE New VUceptor Award- Lauren McMillen



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