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The Leadership Studio


The Spring 2019 schedule will be posted later in the Fall 2018 semester! 

Thanks to all who participated in our Spring 2018 Leadership Studio Sessions! 

If you would like to request an individualized experience for your student organization or exec board, email us at


The Leadership Studio is a space for students to acquire, practice, and exercise their leadership skills. Studio sessions give participants the opportunity to learn about six key elements of leadership: prioritization, communication, motivation, accountability, feedback, and resilience. These succinct, hour-long sessions are designed to foster discussion and reflection, and students can expect to leave with practical strategies for enhancing their leadership skills.

Spring 2019 Schedule- COMING SOON!
RSVP for each session on Anchor Link using the links below:

Designing Your Life: Setting Priorities

Know Your Medium: The Art of Effective Communication

Finding Your “Why”: Mastering Motivation

Work in Progress: The Power of Peer Accountability

Sculpting the Leader in You: Giving & Receiving Feedback

Getting Back Up: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Choose the times that work best for you! Studio Sessions are open to all undergraduate students. These workshops are great for a first-year student who’s looking to start an in-depth leadership development journey or a senior who’s looking for some extra skill enhancement as they venture off into the professional world. You do not need to hold a leadership position to attend sessions, and you can choose to attend 1 session or all 6.