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CliftonStrengths Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is CliftonStrengths Coaching?

CliftonStrengths Coaching is a program for students who are committed to their personal growth. CliftonStrengths Coaching offers in-depth one-on-one experiences for students with Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coaches! Coaching experiences offer students the opportunity to explore areas of leadership and personal development focusing on self-awareness, self-confidence, self-compassion, self-efficacy, and self-esteem all in relation to their unique Talent Themes.

Who are the coaches?

CliftonStrengths Coaches are full-time employees of Vanderbilt University. Each coach is trained and certified through Gallup to coach individuals and groups on their results from the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

Are CliftonStrengths Coaches Academic Advisors?

No. CliftonStrengths Coaches do not advise students on what classes to take or help with registration. However, coaches may talk to students about major and career interests and opportunities.

Are CliftonStrengths Coaches Counselors?

No. Coaches do not provide any emotional therapy or counseling services. However, coaches may talk about challenges, the importance of self-care, and overall wellbeing.

What can I expect from a CliftonStrengths Coach?

Everyone’s experience with a CliftonStrengths Coach is different. Coaches create a safe space for students to discuss their challenges and successes in reference to their unique Talent Themes. Through collaboration, the coach encourages the student to reach their maximum potential in all aspects of life, not just in the classroom.

What does a CliftonStrengths Coach expect from me?

Be open to the process of coaching – discussing opportunities for growth and goals – which could lead to a more fulfilling experience at Vanderbilt University. Complete any action items discussed and maintain scheduled meeting times.

What will we talk about?

Whatever you choose! We take pride in meeting you where you are and want to support your academic, personal, and professional goals. We do discuss common topics such as classes, campus involvement, interpersonal relationships, etc., but we are also a great connecting point to offices on campus that specialize in those topics.

How often do we meet?

Individual coaching meetings take place as frequently or infrequently as you would like them to. Your coach may recommended meeting just a couple times a semester or set-up a more routine schedule.

How long are our individual meetings?

Your coach will reserve a 60-minute time slot on their calendar for you, but you should expect most meetings to last between 45-60 minutes.

Where are the individual meetings?

We have CliftonStrengths Coaches located in the Sarratt Student Center and Branscomb Quad. Contact your coach if you have questions.

What happens if I can’t make my individual meeting?

Understanding that circumstances can change, please be mindful when canceling your appointment. In the event you cannot make a scheduled meeting please contact your coach as soon as possible. If possible, please give your coach at least a 12-hour notice. Your coach will work with you to reschedule.

Do you offer anything outside of individual meetings?

Yes, the Office of Student Leadership Development offers a variety of programming and workshops for students, student organizations, and other Vanderbilt University offices or groups. We will gladly facilitate coaching and other programmatic opportunities upon request.

How do I get matched to my coach?

Students will have the opportunity to place preference on which coach they would like to see. Coach’s biographies can be found on the Student Leadership Development website. Student preference and coach availability will be taken into consideration when being assigned to a coach. Each of our coaches is trained and experienced in meeting students where they are and embracing all identities.

Will what my coach and I talk about be shared with my parents?

No, all students accept a Privacy Policy stating coaches cannot share any information discussed in meetings. However, as full-time employees of Vanderbilt University, coaches are considered mandatory reporters under university policy and state and federal law. If you share information about incidents of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and/or threats of harm to self or others, the information you share may have to be shared with relevant Vanderbilt University officials charged with ensuring the health and safety of our campus communities.