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You Get What You Give

Posted by on Monday, November 25, 2013 in Blog.

Facebook and other social media outlets have been overwhelmed by expressions of gratitude for the past 25 days. Thanksgiving is the time of year that people focus on making a public display of showing how thankful they are for everything and everyone in their life. Unfortunately, many of these people at the stroke of midnight on November 30th won’t focus on gratitude again until this time next year in 2014.

Having an attitude of gratitude is relevant all year and gratitude is an important aspect of acting as a leader and engaging in leadership. As we’ve stated before, leadership is about relationships and on the list of amazing things one can do to build and maintain a quality relationship saying “Thank You!” is certainly somewhere at the top. Think about the mood boost you receive when someone recognizes you and shows gratitude for something that you’ve contributed.

Studies have shown that a display of gratitude triggers helpful behaviors, which increases the amount of output that you receive from people (The Gratitude Effect). Just by saying thank you, you could motivate members of your organization to do more good things. Not only does showing gratitude have an effect on those you work with, it also has an effect on your wellbeing (The Grateful Brain).

Gratitude requires an appreciation of the positive aspects of your situation. Many of us have a way of constantly focusing on the negative and trying to fix all that is going wrong. How often do you step back and think about all of the things that are going well? How often do you thank the people who have made those things happen? What impact do you think this action would have on the culture of your organization? What impact do you think this would have on your personal life?

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