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Actually, The World Does Revolve Around Me (but only if I want it to)

Posted by on Thursday, September 12, 2013 in Blog.

If you’re anything like me, you float into the summer in search of the opportunity to renew yourself, to refresh, to re-up, to find your center, get some rest, and prioritize yourself in your everyday life. Because of how awesome you feel during the summer, you pledge to give your personal development more attention when you get back to campus.

However, reality happens. Classes, student organizations, social outings, Nashville adventures, service projects, applications to graduate school, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, oh my! All of that “you” time goes out the window and you are back to wishing for summer vacation.

Fear not, you can make time for you with everything else happening on campus. In fact, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to do so. An effective leader is someone who is self-aware. You have to know your limits and what it means for you to be your best self. If you’re not taking care of you then you can’t possibly give your best while playing various roles on and off campus.


Did you know that September is “Self-Improvement Month”?  I didn’t either until I picked up the latest copy of Success Magazine (p.12, September 2013). Chris Widener offers tips and ideas to help you focus on your personal development this month. Tips include items such as, write down five things you are grateful for, take 15 minutes to reflect on your life, set a goal of making five people smile today, and my personal favorite, dance to music—preferably with someone else.  Feel free to go day by day and try each idea or just choose a few and document your experience. Check out the calendar at

I know there are a million things in life that you want to take advantage of or feel like you should be doing with every second of your day. However, please don’t forget yourself in the rat race of life.  In the words of “The Alchemist” author Paulo Coelho, “when you say “yes” to others, make sure that you are not saying “no” to yourself.”

Say “yes” and take a look at this calendar. You don’t have to wait until May to put yourself first.


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