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Permission to Take Candy from Strangers

Posted by on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 in Blog.

Watch “Everyday Leadership” by Drew Dudley also featured on our Facebook Page and below this paragraph. Seriously, it will be a great usage of six minutes of your time. Who doesn’t love a TED Talk?

Did you watch? If so, keep reading. If not, return to the beginning of the blog. Thanks!

Have you ever had a lollipop moment?

Have you ever thanked the person who made that moment happen for you?

Leadership is accessible to EVERYONE and in Student Leadership Development we believe in the power of everyday leadership. Leadership is a series of decisions that you choose to make throughout the course of your day. It is action oriented.

Dudley defines lollipop moments as when someone “said or did something that fundamentally made your life better.” In his story that funny moment that he created changed the girl’s entire perspective about her ability to attend college. Isn’t it amazing how great of an impact that interaction had on a person’s life?

You can do the same for others and when you do you are accessing the leader that is within you. All of us have a leader inside of us and we decide when we want to show that person to the world. Leadership is about changing small moments that can lead to a bigger change in our environment. What you do in your student organizations can lead to positive change on campus. The conversations you have in your residence halls can alter our campus environment. The way you treat a new student you meet on campus can affect their entire Vanderbilt experience. We hope that the lollipop moment that you create for one person will be paid forward and create a chain reaction of everyday leadership.

Leadership is not a fancy concept. The role of leader is not determined by an election. Leadership is often about what you are doing for others.  You decide whether you want to claim that identity.

Here’s your challenge:


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